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Dear User:

We want to introduce Dishtracker to you.

It is 100 % free and can help to improve your business

Dishtracker is a famous and reliable download center for satellite receiver software and how to help topics to use the product correctly and helps users from all over the world.

Dishtracker also publishes reviews about the different quality products so that you chose the right product for you. additionally, Dishtracker shares a store link to purchase the product and save your time.

You may have one or several other websites to publish files related to your products for supporting your customers, but you need to reference a website that you can easily manage and that is always accessible to your clients.

We use a professional dedicated server with unlimited internet bandwidth and guaranteed high Speed.

You don’t have any limitations for using this website services and it is completely free.

So we recommend you Dishtracker.

Some of the website benefits for manufacturers

  1. – Free management tools
  2. – Quick and easy Admin control panel
  3. – Ability to define different series for separate products
  4. – Ability to define different categories for separate files
  5. – You can upload a sample image for each of your products
  6. – You can send files to publish on the website through three different methods: via the system, via FTP or a direct download link
  7. – You can support your customers by providing answers to questions raised by your users.
  8. – FAQ: To post informative content for each of your products (answers to usual questions

Some of the website benefits for users:

  1. – Free tools for users
  2. – easy access to desired content within the shortest time.
  3. – Advanced and accurate search engine.
  4. – Users can find useful information for files: latest update, file size, count of downloads, and many other details.
  5. – Download files quickly and without limitation
  6. – Send a question to the support section
  7. – Seeing informative content for each product
  8. – 100% Uptime)

What you should do for a start?

You should contact us via email, and announce your desire to use the administrator control panel. We will promptly provide you access to the website management.

Then you can use all the features of our website without limitations.