Definition of Bi-amping?


What is Bi-amping?

Use separate amplifiers to amplify low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) signals. Almost all broadband speakers have a built-in crossover. A filter that serves to separate the signal into low and high frequencies. In Bi-amping mode, instead of a conventional crossover, an active (external) crossover is used for frequency separation. This divides the signal into two frequency bands at the input of the amplifiers. With this amplification scheme, the mutual influence of the woofers and tweeters on each other is completely eliminated. This makes it possible to raise the sound quality to a higher level. Some models of active speakers are built according to the Bi-amping separate amplification scheme.

Related Questions

What is the purpose of bi-amping?

It allows you to achieve maximum sound quality by improving the impulse response and reducing intermodulation distortion. All this contributes to a better perception of the stereo image.

What is Active Bi-Amping?

Active bi-amping uses one amplifier for low frequencies and another for mid-to-high frequencies—per audio channel. Tri-amping adds one more amplifier for a 3-way system tweeter. This is done via the use of an active crossover unit which is inserted between the preamplifier and power amplifiers.

What Bi-Amping do?

Bi-amping makes it possible to power the tweeter and woofer separately from separate amplifier channels. Or a separate amplifier to send a signal to the midrange/treble, a separate one to the woofer. There may be options, depending on the number of bands and the concept of acoustics.

What is Bi-wiring?

A method of connecting a speaker system to an amplifier, in which two sets of cables are connected from one amplifier to one speaker. One set connects the woofer, the other connects the tweeter. When playing music in the speakers and crossover filters, the mutual influence of the low-frequency and high-frequency bands occurs, which leads to a deterioration in the sound of the acoustics. The use of Bi-wiring in many cases can reduce this effect and improve the sound.

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