What is ENIGMA2?

What is ENIGMA2?


ENIGMA2 is an open Linux operating system for satellite receivers. Developed by various communities of enthusiasts. It has great functionality and flexibility in settings. There are many add-ons and plug-ins that expand the standard functionality of a satellite receiver.

Enigma2 is the most advanced interface used on HiEnd satellite receivers. The main advantages of Enigma2 are ease of use, customization options. And the ability to install additional applications that significantly expand the functionality of the receiver and its user characteristics.

The face of any satellite receiver is the channel list window. That is the menu that the user uses to search for the desired channel and turn it on. The channel list window in Enigma2 is the best menu ever.

By pressing just one button, we get a complete picture of what programs are on which channels when the transmission began when it ends, and how much time until it ends. In addition, when moving through the list, we can see a detailed description of the current and next program (movie) on the selected channel.

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