What is EPG ( Electronic TV Guide)?

EPG ( Electronic TV Guide) on Remote

EPG ( Electronic TV Guide)

EPG: An electronic TV guide, an on-screen menu displaying a schedule of TV or radio programs with the ability to interactively navigate content by time, title, channel, genre, etc. using a remote control, computer, mobile phone keyboard, or other input devices.

Each receiver is equipped with a built-in TV guide and an additional menu that allows you to watch the program schedule for all the channels included in your package. The service is free, you do not need to pay extra for it.

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What is EPG in IPTV?

EPG is a TV program source for IPTV channels. Embedded in the player, playlist, or loaded manually. Provides additional information about the TV broadcast, including the sequence of TV programs, genre, description, and showtime. This is the electronic equivalent of a newspaper guide: find out what’s on TV right now and beyond.

How to add an EPG source for an IPTV playlist?

1. Open the m3u file in a text editor such as Notepad. 2. Find the first line that says #EXTM3U. 3. Change it to EXTM3U URL-tvg=”Insert any of the TV program links here.” 4. Save your changes

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