What is H 264?

H 264 Explained

What is H 264

H 264

H.264 is an open, licensed standard based on and supported by today’s most efficient video compression technologies. The H 264 encoder can reduce the digital video file size. It reduces more than 80% compared to MJPEG and 50% compared to MPEG-4 Part 2 without sacrificing image quality

This standard appeared back in 2013. It is capable of recording in HD format, and the processing speed is 7-8 megabytes per second. It was replaced by the H.264+ standard, which records in a similar format. While the stream speed is much higher – from 12 to 20 megabytes per second.

Key Features

  1. Improvements that reduce the data transfer rate by an average of 50%, and offer a quality of still video image that is comparable to any other video standard.
  2. Error-resistance, which allows you to reproduce the image despite errors in the transmission of data over various networks.
  3. Low latency and get better quality with higher latency.
  4. A simple syntax structure that simplifies the implementation of the standard.
  5. Decoding based on exact match, which determines the exact number of number of calculations performed by the encoder and decoder, which avoids the appearance of accumulating errors
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