What is OScam?

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OSCam is a plug-in emulator for satellite receivers based on Linux OS. It is based on another previous generation emulator – MPCS (open source version 0.9d). Due to this the order of their configuration almost completely corresponds to each other.

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OScam configuration file settings

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What is oscam.conf?

oscam. conf is the main configuration file that contains global settings such as debugging, monitoring. Anti-cascading, setting up access to cards from users using various protocols. The presence of the [global] section is mandatory, the rest are optionally significant.

What is an oscam.server?

The file contains settings for accessing external and internal sharing servers. The number of [reader] sections must be at least one.

What is oscam.dvbapi?

oscam.dvbapi allows you to flexibly configure the emulator with different providers.

What are oscam.services?

oscam.services contains descriptions of CAID, ProvID, SID channels. Allows you to organize rules for filtering viewing packets (channels). Up to 64 sections are allowed.

What is oscam.srvid?

oscam.srvid contains descriptions of service IDs of channels (SID), serves only to display information about the channel being viewed. When using a monitor or web interface. To save memory, it is recommended to leave only the descriptions of actually used channels.

What is oscam.provid?

oscam.provid is used to obtain additional information based on the CAID and ProvID of the channels being viewed when using a monitor or web interface.

What is oscam.ac?

oscam.ac is anti-cascading settings. If you do not keep a sharing server on a commercial basis, then you don’t have to bother.

What is oscam.cert?

oscam.cert – Issuer Public Keys (IPK) for OSCam . Mapping between CAID and IPK/sessions keys in hex, currently for Cryptoworks only.

What is oscam.ird?

Irdeto guessing table by signature for OSCam

What is an oscam.tiers?

TIER configuration file for OSCam. Mapping between CAID, TIER ID, and description of TIER.

What is oscam.guess?

CAID guessing table by Lenin hex, only needed for protocols (at the moment BOMBA protocol only) that do not pass CAIDs.

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