What is SCART?

SCART Connector


SCART is a European standard for connecting multimedia devices such as a TV, VCR, DVD player. Other names: Peritel, euro connector, Euro-AV.

This unifies the connections of various devices. It combines all the necessary signals in one multi-pin plug. The design of the connector makes it impossible to connect the plug incorrectly. The disadvantage of the connector is that physical force must be applied to connect and disconnect it.


What is SCART on TV

It is a connector to easily connect other devices to the main information receiver. Video and audio signals come from it through the plugs.

How do you connect SCART?

To connect a PC to a TV using a SCART Euro connector, do the following. 1. Take the cable and connect one end to the TV, the other to the PC. 2. If everything is done correctly, then the TV will become a PC monitor. 3. Wait until a window pops up in which a message appears stating that a new device has been found. 4. Again, wait until the PC installs the necessary software (drivers) to work with this device.

Pros and cons of TVs with a SCART port


  1. High-quality color image
  2. Great control options
  3. The clarity of the pictures, since the transmission of colors, occurs separately, through the appropriate contacts
  4. The connectors are coated with a special tool that helps to cope with the elimination of interference.
  5. Using the pinout, it is possible to automatically turn on / off the TV receiver and additional equipment at the same time. For example, if you turn on a tape recorder or other device that is connected to the TV, they will start working together.
  6. Possibility to turn on the automatic widescreen function.


  1. The signal is gradually lost with a very long cable until it reaches the desired point
  2. To make the signal clearer, the braid on the wire must be shielded. This means that the cable, in this case, will be too thick, and this is not very convenient.
  3. More recently, new DVI and HDMI interfaces for data transmission in digital format have entered the market, in which the density is much higher than that of a SCART port.
  4. The SCART connector cannot be used to connect some modern entertainment video centers, such as Dolby Surround. More advanced specialized equipment is required to enjoy this privilege.
  5. The quality of the functioning of the SCART connector depends directly on the type of television receiver. Plasma liquid crystal devices transmit high-quality signals. And televisions equipped with a kinescope are too far from this and cannot boast of good data transmission, even modern models of this type.
  6. Not all types of video cards have the ability to support connection to SCART ports. This item applies only to computers.
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