Main Features

Skybox f3 HD has Dual CPU 396 MHz & MIPS Processor
It is fully compliant with MPEG-4 H. 264, and 4.1 High Profile Level.
Skybox f3 is full HD video output (1080px)
CPU Ali3601 with 128MB DDR II Ram
Playback Media Files from the USB stick or From Hard Drive and Memory Card.
Skybox f3 Automatically and manually scan channels
Channel change time is less than 1 second
SCPC and  MCPC are  receivable from Cu, Ku, and S-band satellites
Skybox f3 Support PVR store in USB disk.
Multiple display mode 1080P,1080I,720P,570P,576I,480P, Screen format,4:3,16:9 Auto
The software can be upgraded through USB stick.
Channels data also updated through USB.
Skybox f3 also has Automatic service scan system.
Skybox F3 has DVB-S2 Tuner Which can Receive more channels then DM 800 HD
Skybox f3 HD is fully compatible with HDMI, 1. 3 and 1. 4
Skybox f3 also supports HD and SD satellite signals.
Support multiple digital audio Layers 
Skybox f3 also supports external flash drive and hard drive but not included in it.
Skybox f3 supports card reader.
It supports many languages, Like English, French, German, Russian, etc.
Also, support Ethernet Cable.
Loaded with Electronic Program Management for seven (7) days.
Skybox f3 supports output video component

    How to Install Firmware in Skybox f3 

    Turn on your Skybox f3 

    Now Press the menu button and go to tools
    Select upgrade files by USB
    Select image file upgrade mood
    Select the upgrade file and select ****.abs file from your USB stick
    Make sure that Keep DBS setting is “NO”
    Press “OK” on start and wait until it loads the latest firmware.
    When it finishes it will reboot and load your latest Firmware.

    For more information see Skybox f5

    How to install CCcam.cfg for Skybox f3

    Go to the main menu and select “NETWORK”
    Select Enable Network and set IP address to DHCP
    Go back to the menu and select “CCcam Client Setup”
    If “CCcam Client Setup” is not visible press 6666 or 8888 to show the hidden menu
    Download CCcam.cfg file from bellow unzip it in your USB stick.
    Keep in mind that your CCcam.cfg file should be in the root folder of your USB.
    Select the file from USB and click Update.
    In new Window, Select CCcam.cfg and Press green button “ADD” from your remote
    Now press Yellow (Read)  button on your remote  
    When it finish Select manage configuration files
    On new page Select CCcam.cfg again
    Now press Green button to activate
    Off DHCP by using arrow keys and then apply.
    If channels are not clear yet unplug socket of your box and router and restart it again

    How to install CCcam.cfg manually

    Go directly to manage config files select CCcam.cfg in a new window
    Now on your remote press blue color button
    You will see C:****** User Pass
    On the add cline window keep Protocol as CCcam.
    On the “HOST” enter in the same way as we send the text message.
    In the “PORT” enter port number 12000
    In the “USER” field enter the user name
    In “PASSWORD” field enter “PASS”
    Press “OK” 
    A new page will appear with your cline
    Press the green button on your remote to activate 

    Skybox F3 Channel List Upgrade Instructions

    1. CStuts.abs download the file using the download button above.
    2. Before going to put the box in the BBC 1
    3. Add files to the USB stick CStuts.abs
    4. Connect the SkyBox F3
    5. Press Menu
    6. Go to Icon Cogg
    7. Click OK
    8. Go upgrade from USB
    9. Update mode should read (file image * .abs)
    10. Update file should read (CStuts.abs)
    11. Click Start, click OK
    12. Press Yes
    13. The box will reboot when finished
    14. Go to a pay channel
    15. Everything should be working now

    Skybox F3 HD Weather upgrade Instructions

    1: Upgrade the new software enter the tools – information. (pictures 1:)
    2: Will the weather app in the USB root directory, connect the USB and set-top boxes.
    3: Enter the menu tools – upgrade by USB – will (upgrade mode) to change to the misc file(pictures 2:). 
    4: Enter select&upgrade – add files to upgrade – the weather.
       The app (APP), need to be checked. (pictures 3)
    3: According to the info after choice: upgrade, upgraded to have to upgrade ok information (pictures 4)

    4: Restart the set-top box, enter the menu: network local setting – network app –  weather(pictures 5).

    Skybox f3 HD

    Skybox f3 HD

    Skybox f3 HD

    Skybox f3 HD

    Skybox f3 HD

    SKYBOX F3 Add YouTube Function

    1- Add Micro Panel  to improve the remote control, when playing channel
       press “M/P” key.

     2- Add YouTube Function (Network App)

     3-When update the new firmware, keep the satellites data and system setting.                 (Upgrade By USB).

     4- Fav groups name will be saved in the TP_PROG.DBS, when dumping the                TP_PROG.DBS by USB

    NOTE: SKYBOX F3 HD Card Sharing Setup Tutorial with Picture is Same as of                        SKYBOX F5

    Update and edit BISS keys.

    To add BISS keys, you can use two methods:

    1. Update the key file in the CCcam emulator from a flash drive.
    To do this, you need to place the downloaded file on the USB flash drive to the root directory and go to the “Tools” item in the main menu, then select 
    “Update via USB”. At this point, select “Upgrade Mode” – Misc Files, then Select & Upgrade.
    In the list that appears, mark with a green button, then click the yellow Upgrade button. The update will be fast, about a second, then you need to reboot the receiver (turn it off and on).

    Adding BISS keys manually.

    2. Add keys manually in the CCcam emulator.
    To do this, go to the “Network Settings” item in the main menu, select “Camds setup”, 
    then go to the CCCam Installation Plug-in – Configuration Files, select and press the green Add button. 
    “CAID” – 2600 (BISS coding) 
    “ProvID” – not filled 
    “SID” – provider ID of the channel 
    “PMT PID” – not filled 
    “ECM PID” – 1FFF 
    “EVEN CW” – directly the BISS key 
    “ODD CW” – directly BISS key itself 
    Confirm key by pressing the yellow button.
    The scheme of filling BISS keys in this receiver is as follows:
    2600: 000000: 0000: 0000: 1FFF :: 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88
    CAID___ProvID____SID_PMT PID_ECM PID___________________EVEN CW__________________ODD CW
    “CAID” – 2600 (BISS coding) 
    “ProvID” – not filled 
    “SID” – provider ID of the channel 
    “PMT PID” – not filled 
    “ECM PID” – 1FFF 
    “EVEN CW” – directly the BISS key 
    “ODD CW” – directly BISS key itself

    Trouble in Turn on?

    But if the trouble and SkyBox F3 HD PVR does not turn on !!!

    Recovery after unsuccessful update …
    We take the program itself … 
    Instructions for working with this program :
    1. Turn off the power to the receiver. 
    2. Prepare a null modem cable (cable pinout 2-3, 3-2, 5-5). 
    3. Connect the computer to the receiver using a null modem cable. 
    4. Run the “EROM UPGRADE” program 
    5. In the window that appears, check the “Include Bootloader” box. In the “Parity” window, select “Space”. In the “Operate Mode” window, select “Upgrade” 
    6. Then click the “Browse” button and select file “.abs”. 
    7. After that, click “NEXT” 
    8. The process of preparing and copying files will begin. 
    After that, you will need to confirm the operation – by pressing the power button. After copying the files, the program will ask: download this file? Click “Next”. The download will begin. After downloading click “Finished”
    9. Thus, the process of restoring the bootloader and receiver software will be implemented. 
    10. After a successful recovery, insert the USB drive with the latest software and update as usual.
    If you can not restore the tuner program :
    1. Remove the tuner cover. With the help of a magnifying glass, we carefully inspect the RAM with m-mu for overheating. If any number or letter on the card has darkened, then you can put a cross on the tuner.
    2. If the RAM is not overheated, we measure the voltages on the main board. Near them-we AAG21B there are three chokes, respectively, the voltage on them is 1.2v 1.8v 3.3v. 
    Usually, 1.8v disappears. We make a stabilizer on the LM317 and feed 1.8v to the throttle. Do not forget to place a small radiator on the LM317 and, on the AAG21B platform, lift the 4 legs upwards.


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