Cinebox Patch SKS 58w and SKS 63W Update

Cinebox Patch SKS 58w and SKS 63W Update

How to Update Cinebox Patch For X2, Plus, Z, and Q Line Models?

To update Cinebox Patch use your receiver’s remote control, and access: Menu >> utilities >> Cam setting >> Sks setting >> patch >> after that open the USB stick and update >> the message config update complete!
Go back and save the settings in the SKS setting.

ATTENTION – To update your Receiver

  1. Download the update and unzip it if necessary;
  2. Put the update in the root of the Pendrive;
  3. Reset the device;
  4. Remove antenna and network cables;
  5. Insert the Pendrive into the device and perform the update;
  6. When finished, do another reset, reseat all cables, and reconfigure.


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