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New Updates for Freesky Duo Max

About Freesky Duo Max HD Satellite Receiver

Freesky Duo Max HD revolutionizes the way of watching TV. It is full of functions and practical to use. In addition to the cost + benefit of the brand that has always raised its models to the best level without its high costs. The brand then made a basic device but with several functions leaving it out. That is the intermediate line of the brand, seeking the public that is not looking for something specific and may also have functions for the most demanding public.

Its appearance is reminiscent of older models with a FREE SKY touch on the top with the brand’s logo. The FREE SKY DUO MAX HD is finished in hard plastic with buttons on the front with a 4-digit number display. Accompany USB WiFi nano adapter for wireless connection.


Easy and practical navigation menu, hand control with several shortcuts as in previous and higher models. Several buttons and shortcuts for programming on the remote control.

The Freesky Duo Max HD menu comes with the theme of the 2016 Olympics. Its switching and navigation are practical and easy with cutting-edge visuals with more vivid colors and images in high definition. Compatible with the main satellites on the market!

  1. New menu for easy navigation with the theme of RIO 2016 games on Freesky Duo Max HD;
  2. Simultaneous viewing of a channel and recording on the same TP;
  3. Google Maps, FTP, Picasa, Yahoo, Flickr;
  4. Cine Freesky, YouTube, VOD, 3G, Weather, and more…

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System improvements and fixes.V2.78Download

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