Freesky Max HD Plus New Updates

Freesky Max HD Plus New Updates

About Freesky Max HD Plus

The Freesky Max HD Plus Receiver is the perfect choice to expand channels on your TV. It adds quality and content to the programming and images that come to you. TV and its programming have evolved day by day since its inception.

Watching TV has also become one of the simplest ways to gather family and friends at home. Nowadays there is a very wide variety of channels all over the world, however, the satellite signal does not always reach everywhere, this is because the signal in that place is very low, to solve this issue, the Receivers emerged.

The receivers are devices with the ability to receive the signal and bring to the TV a variety of channels with varied content.

Expand your TV programming options, choose and install your Max Receiver and through the FTA system receive the transmission of your favorite channels, you won’t even notice the hours pass! In addition, the quality of the signal improves a lot, putting an end to the bad transmissions of conventional antennas.


  1. IKS: Internet release of the entire existing satellite channel grid, which can be via RJ45 cable or Wi-Fi. (Requirements: Internet connection + 1 antenna)
  2. SKS: Release of the entire grid of satellite channels, that is, an antenna to receive the signal and another antenna to release the channels. Requirements: 2 antennas (No internet required)

IPTV: It works in a similar way to streaming services like Youtube and Netflix. The famous on-demand that provides the biggest box office that is in the cinema or has just come out, the main series to watch whenever you want. These receivers came in addition to releasing more than 170 channels (of course, hi and sky). And still have available a collection of movies and series better than NETFLIX to watch whenever you want and without paying a monthly fee.

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SKS and IKS system improvements – Stability of HD channels.V1.72Download

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