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Freesky Max S 4K Wi-Fi ACM Satellite Receiver

About Freesky Max S 4K Wi-Fi ACM Satellite Receiver

Freesky Max S 4K Full HD Wi-Fi Receiver with ACM Technology Super Modern, Stylish and Practical!

The Freesky MAX S is the device that, in addition to capturing the signals more comprehensively. It is able to play music and videos through USB ports. As well as through the internet, and is compatible with any Full HD TV. 1080p. Due to its compact and modern design. It can be accommodated in small spaces in your living room. It offers a Wi-Fi connection and has an HDMI input.

Main Functions and Features of Freesky Max S 4K

  1. IKS: Internet release of the entire existing satellite channel grid, which can be via RJ45 cable or Wi-Fi.
  2. Requirements: Internet connection + 1 antenna
  3. SKS: Release of the entire grid of satellite channels, that is, an antenna to receive the signal and another antenna to release the channels.
  4. Requirements: 2 antennas (No internet required)
  5. CS: It is an internet key distribution service contracted with a paid server.
  6. On-demand: It works in a similar way to streaming services like Youtube and Netflix, the famous on-demand that makes available the biggest box office that is in the cinema or has just come out, the main series to watch whenever you want. These receivers have a better collection of movies and series than NETFLIX to watch whenever you want and without paying a monthly fee.
  7. ACM: ACM (Adaptable Codification Modulation) is a technology that can automatically compensate for the modulation. Read More…


  1. DVB-S / DVB-S2 Satélite Compliant
  2. Simultaneous viewing of a channel and recording on the same TP
  3. Closed Caption, DiSEq C 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3
  4. Interface HDMI
  5. Saida Full Digital Audio
  6. 14 days EPG
  7. Memory capacity of 6000 channels for TV and Radio
  8. 8 Programmable Channel List Groups
  9. Internal WIFI
  10. Youtube, FTP, Weather, Google Maps

Technical Specifications

  1. Video Resolution Ultra HD
  2. Operational system Android
  3. signal type Antenna
  5. AUDIO Dolby Digita
  6. FEATURES: Built-in IPTV, VOD, and EPG functions – Allows you to create favorite channel groups. Compatible with 3G networks. Supports some apps such as YouTube, FTP, Google Maps, and weather information
  7. INTERFACE 2 Tuner – USB – HDMI – LAN (RJ45) – RS232 – S/PDIF – A.V – DC 12V

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