Freesky Max Star Download New Official Updates

Freesky Max Star Download New Official Updates

About Freesky Max Star

The Freesky Max Star receiver, with updated hardware for high image and sound quality. So that you enjoy your favorite programming in the best way, Max Star supports Full HD quality with several channels to watch. In addition to allowing you to view Youtube content, you enjoy the most varied range on your TV!


  1. IKS: Release via the internet of the entire grid of channels on the satellite. Which can be via RJ45 or Wi-Fi cable (Wi-Fi confirms the description of the receiver) (Requirements: Internet connection + 1 antenna)
  2. SKS: Release of the entire grid of channels via satellite, that is, an antenna to receive. The signal and another antenna release the channels. (Requirements: 2 antennas (Internet is not required)
  3. CS: It is a key distribution service over the internet, contracted with a server. That is paid monthly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on the case.

How to Update Max Star

Time needed: 10 minutes.

A step-by-step guide to updating Max Star

  1. Download

    Download the Freesky Max Star file below

  2. Unzip

    Check if the file is unzipped, if not, it is MANDATORY to unzip it.

  3. Format

    Format your Pendrive in FAT32 and send the unzipped file to it

  4. Fix Bug

    Start the update process via Pendrive and at the end, enter factory reset to fix BUGS.

  5. Update all the TPS

    Start the configuration by doing a BLIND SEARCH in the system, only then will the equipment update all the TPS in operation within the chosen satellite.

  6. Enable the internet

    Enter the INTERNET settings and enable the internet via CABLE or WIFI.

  7. SDS service

    If your receiver is using 2 antennas, it is necessary to activate the SDS service for the SKS system to work.

  8. Complete

    If you are unable to complete the entire installation and configuration procedure for the equipment, hire a Professional Installer to perform the service.

Download Software

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System improvements
Fix SKS 58w

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