Freesky Power + New Updates

Freesky Power Plus New Updates

About Freesky Power + Satellite Receiver

Freesky Power + is beautiful with more vivid colors. Totally different from its previous version, the compact design is very easy to use in addition to being light and practical to install.

So it came with innovative functions such as improved control, and PIP function, among others. Those who already know the quality of the previous models will be surprised by this launch.

The Power + evolved now has an alphanumeric display that shows the name of the program in addition to having a larger display and a larger and more accurate reception of its infrared.

In addition, it captures signals more comprehensively, due to its compact design. It can be accommodated in small spaces in your room.

So there are more than 200 channels, series, movies, soap operas, sports, and much more.

So Power + 4k Wi-Fi comes with ACM technology, so modern, stylish, and with the best content!

Some features of Freesky Power+

  1. Brand: Freesky
  2. Model: Power +
  3. Operating System: Android
  4. WIFI: SIM
  5. Memory Ram: 2GB
  6. Storage: 6GB
  7. Processor: Quad Core
  8. Maximum Resolution: UHD 4K
  9. Technology: Streaming


Never! so it’s the perfect device for those who like technology when using their TV!

So what makes it possible to run apps like Netflix and Youtube directly on your TV

State-of-the-art processor, more powerful and faster than ever!

So robustness, stability, and durability are what you’ll get with the Power+.

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System improvements – Stability of signals Which Never Crash.V1.09Download

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