Freesky RAK Download New Official Updates

Freesky RAK Download New Official Updates

About Freesky RAK ACM IPTV

The Freesky RAK receiver is the ideal option to increase the number of channels. With excellent image and sound quality, you will have a program that is totally different from what you were used to.

There are currently a large number of channels all over the world, but the satellite signal does not always reach our homes. When singles are low this receiver solves the problem. You can enjoy a wide content of national and international, digital and analog (FTA) open channels


  1. IKS: Release via the internet of the entire grid of channels on the satellite. Which can be via RJ45 or Wi-Fi cable (Wi-Fi confirms the description of the receiver) (Requirements: Internet connection + 1 antenna)
  2. SKS: Release of the entire grid of channels via satellite, that is, an antenna to receive. The signal and another antenna release the channels. (Requirements: 2 antennas (Internet is not required)
  3. CS: It is a key distribution service over the internet, contracted with a server. That is paid monthly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on the case.
  4. IPTV: It works in a similar way to streaming services like Youtube and Netflix
  5. ACM: Read more about ACM Technology

Download Software

What’s NewVersionSoftware
IKS ON *** SKS 63w ON *** Canais HD OFF – SD ONV28.91Download

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