Freesky TV: Download New Official Updates

Download New Official Updates for Freesky TV

About OTT BOX Freesky TV 4K

Free sky launches its new TV box, the OTT BOX Freesky TV 4K with Android system, a dedicated server with a minimum delay of 07 seconds. With excellent image and audio transmission, the Freesky 4K Ultra HD FTA Receiver brings a wide variety of channel options. You only need an internet connection to work. The internet connection can be via Wi-Fi or cable, through the Ethernet Port. It has a micro SD and USB memory card slot. Just connect them to the interface to perform direct reproductions, quickly, easily, and simply.

Freesky TV 4K Specifications

  1. The Real Streaming Online;
  2. Direct Signal;
  3. 7 Seconds Before Satellite (Satellite signal arrives 7 seconds before); (delay)
  4. Smart Android 4k HEVC;
  5. IPTV & Movies Ondemand;
  6. H 265;



Its streaming services are like Youtube and Netflix. The famous on-demand that provides the biggest box office. That is in the cinema or has just come out, the main series to watch whenever you want. In addition, these receivers came to release more than 170 channels (of course, hi and sky) and still have available a collection of movies and series better than NETFLIX to watch whenever you want and without paying a monthly fee.

ACM Technology

It is a technology that can automatically compensate for the modulation and correction of the FEC of a link. It adjusts the changes of this link automatically, without the need for a DONGLE. Read More About ACM Technology.


The most used customizable operating system in the world. It has all the apps you have on your smartphone on your digital receiver. Watch XBMC, Netflix, Hulu, Kodi Dailymotion, YouTube, and Pop Corn all Streaming apps that are supported by Android System.

Download Software

What’s NewVersionDownload
Update to release the option to add the Artemis paid code. System IKS, SKS 63w and 75w ON; – SD and HD channels ON; – Gshare server.
Note: Update your receiver with this update only if you purchase the code;

How to Update Freesky TV

  1. Your receiver must be in a version dated 2019
  2. Access Menu > Tools > Network Setting and leave it in ETHERNET mode
  3. Connect the network cable to the RJ-45 input;
  4. Download the update from the download link below
  5. Update your device usually (Upgrade by USB);
  6. Find the serial number (SN) in Menu > Settings > About STB;
  7. On your computer or cell phone, access and click on RECHARGE in the upper right corner;
  8. In the new tab enter your Serial Number (SN), and your recharge code and click RECHARGE;
  9. Wait a few minutes and restart your device to synchronize with the server 40 – ARTEMIS; Ready
  10. Access the secret menu by pressing F+111 or Page Up+111.

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