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OPENBOX A6 Latest Firmware

OPENBOX A6 Review:

Television has come to the Internet long ago, and now more and more viewers with antennas are dragging themselves towards them. 

Their absence is far from the only plus of IPTV, here television can truly become interactive: to provide each viewer with exactly what it wants at a particular point in time!
 The first consoles for watching IPTV (television via network) were extremely limited in capabilities. These were simple devices for receiving operator’s channels via an IP network, essentially an analogy of on-air or satellite broadcasting, the only difference is in the delivery channel. 
Android OS at the time of arrival in television had a lot of applications for IPTV, VoD (video on demand) and other services. It seems that success is guaranteed, but the problem is that many applications were created to work on a tablet or smartphone, and the comfort on a set-top box with a conventional remote control leaves much to be desired.
Openbox A6 UHD is a new generation of high-quality OTT devices in which the Android operating system has been seriously reworked and optimized specifically for comfortable work as a set-top box.

Openbox A6 UHD aims to replicate the success of the Openbox® A5 IPTV and the Openbox A5 Mini, for which it has everything you need


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