Openbox s10 is one of the cheapest satellite receivers available in the market with a lot of good functions and can be used around the world. Openbox S10 upgraded version Openbox S9 with some changes. The main change in Openbox S10 is that it’s most part are replaceable rather than to replace the main board.


1. Openbox S10 is programmed ready with up to date channel list and CCcam.

2. Openbox S10 use the same tools as of Openbox S9 but it is smaller in size than S9

3. Openbox S10 has a 300 MHz MIPS Processor Linux operating system

4. Supports Multilanguage on Screen menu e.g English, French, German, Dutch, and Russian etc.

5. DVB-S and DVB-S2 blind search signal is very fast
6. It has a digital sound system
7. You can record your favorite program and shows in external USB drive using the timer when you are out of the house.
8. It receives both SD and HD signal from the satellite.
9. Skybox S10 has worldwide compatibility and you can use it anywhere around the globe.
10. Supports PVR stored on the USB stick
11. Scan  channels Automatically and manually 
12. Automatically  service scanning
13. Less than one-second channel change time
14. Software upgrading through USB
15. It has Powerful program management function (electronic program management) and parent lock system.

Key Edit

 1,     open as text file(.txt)  in computer
 2,     edit the keycode in the file
 3,     save the file in USB
 4,     insert the USB into the receiver
 5,     go to menu  “NETWORK SETUP”—-CCCAM CLIENT SETUP”
 6,     go to the first list “update files by USB’ 
 7,     go to the third list “ plug), then press ok
 8,     press the yellow key on the remote controller, the receiver will save the files.

How to upgrade OpenBox S10 HD PVR Firmware

  1. Download the latest firmware update

  2. Go to MENU > TOOLS > DUMP BY USB. Use left or right arrow to select MISC FILES, then arrow down to SELECT & DUMP. Press the OK key.
  3.  Press the GREEN key to select TP_PROG.dbs, then press the YELLOW key to copy data to your USB.
  4. Go to MENU > TOOLS > UPGRADE BY USB. Arrow down to “Upgrade File” and select the file you downloaded. It will start with S10-(date).abs, for example, S10-50172011.abs Then arrow down to “Start” and press the OK key. When prompted to burn flash, select “yes” and press the OK key.
  5. Your S10 will reboot. Confirm successful upgrade by looking at the background image, it has changed.
  6. Configure your satellites and settings, scan, and watch TV.

How to restore your channels/satellite settings

  1. Navigate to MENU > TOOLS > UPGRADE BY USB. Then press the OK key

  2. Press RIGHT ARROW once to change to “Misc Files”, arrow down once to “Select & upgrade”. Press the OK key.
  3. Use the GREEN key on the remote to check TP_PROG.dbs, then press the YELLOW key to upgrade. After upgrade, hit the EXIT key until you get the “No Channels” message.
  4. Use the remote to power down your S10. After 10 seconds, turn it back on, and your channels/satellite setting should be restored to the new Firmware.

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  1. i did this, but now it wont start further then the word Boot and then it ends with – – in display! Please help

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