OPENBOX V8S Latest Firmware and Tools

Download OPENBOX V8S Latest Firmware and Tools

Download OPENBOX V8S Latest Firmware and Tools

Genuine Openbox V8 V8S OPENBOX DIGITAL HD FTA TV Satellite Receiver Box Web TV from Sligo

The manufacturer has released the new model OPENBOX V8S which is the upgrade of F5S & V5S.  OPENBOX V8S is better in performance got some extra features like WEB TV & also got 2 USB ports.  Now you can use WiFi and record on USB Memory at the same time. 

Please note that this is a Free To Air box it will receive most or All FREESAT channels but you have to manually sort out the channels.

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  8. How-to-Load-IPTV-Subscription-to-Xtreamcode-via-USB

  9. How to Edit XCD

  10. Download XCD file for Xtreamcode (zip format)

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