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What is OScam?

OSCam is a plug-in emulator for satellite receivers based on Linux OS. It is based on another previous generation emulator – MPCS (open source version 0.9d). Due to this the order of their configuration almost completely corresponds to each other. (More detail)

Download the Latest Oscam files for 2023

File NameDateDownload
Softcam Oscam 11718 emu-r798_all21-Feb-2023Download
oscam-11718 (qnap-arm-libusb)21-Feb-2023Download
oscam-11718-798 (qnap-arm-libusb)21-Feb-2023Download
oscam-11718-798 (mipsel-libusb)21-Feb-2023Download
oscam-11718-798 (armv7ve)21-Feb-2023Download
oscam-11718-798 (armv7ve-libusb)21-Feb-2023Download
oscam-11718-798 (aarch64)21-Feb-2023Download
oscam-11718-798 (aarch64-libusb)21-Feb-2023Download
Oscam Icam all21-Feb-2023Download
Softcam Oscam 11717 emu-r798_all21-Feb-2023Download
Oscam For Windws V11717-1721-Feb-2023Download
Softcam Oscam 11716 emu-r798_all21-Feb-2023Download
Newnigma2 camd oscam 11715 mipsel04-Nov-2022Download
OsCam 11714 Update17-Oct-2022Download
newnigma2 camd oscam 11711 armhf16-May-2022Download
Oscam ATV Configs V23 Server and 2 Clients cs378x04-May-2022Download
oscam 1.20 svn11704 i686 Linux gnu22-Apr-2022Download
oscam config simple V6.322-Apr-2022Download
OScam Free Server28-Mar-2022Download
OSCam r11704 x86 64 – patch v8 + LIBUSB + PCSC + SMARGO18-Mar-2022Download
OScam svn11704 x86 64 Linux gnu buster ssl libusb pcsc18-Mar-2022Download
OScam svn11704 x86 64 Linux gnu bionic ssl libusb pcsc18-Mar-2022Download


  1. All popular protocols are supported – camd3, cccam, cs378x, newcamd.
  2. Works with built-in card readers of receivers, as well as with external USB card readers.
  3. It can be used as a home card-sharing server.
  4. You can use it as a card-sharing client.
  5. supports emulation of various encodings, and works with SoftCAM key files.


Required files

  1. oscam binary file (no extension, may have a different name).
  2. oscam.conf is the main configuration file.

Additional files

  1. oscam.keys – A file with keys for viewing hacked channels.
  2. oscam.user – User configuration (required if OSCam is used as a home cardsharing server).
  3. oscam.server – Card reader and card sharing settings.
  4. oscam.dvbapi – Priority settings for the DVB API module (for faster opening/switching channels using cardsharing).
  5. oscam.provid – List of providers
  6. oscam.srvid – List of channels
  7. oscam.services – A list of services for filtering (for faster opening/switching channels using cardsharing).


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