Phantom Fox IPTV New Updates Available

Phantom Fox IPTV New Updates

Phantom Fox IPTV Specification

The Phantom Fox Receiver is a modern and affordable way to expand TV programming possibilities. It expands television content, adding an extensive amount of channels with varied programming, highlighting its ability to broadcast different movie channels, with different genres and styles. In addition, it also tunes into the cartoon, sports, and journalistic channels, making it an ideal device for the whole family.

  1. The Phantom Fox Receiver offers the expansion of TV channels and content.
  2. It is a compact device with an elegant design, it fits perfectly on the living room or bedroom shelf.
  3. It has an HDMI interface for transmitting audio and video with the maximum quality in which they were recorded. It has a USB input to connect USB flash drives and compatible mobile devices, allowing different ways to play files;
  4. The Wi-Fi connection expands and makes it even more versatile, both in its use and in the quality of the content that reaches the TV. Through the Wi-Fi connection it is possible, for example, to connect and watch network television;
  5. It has an IPTV system that allows access to varied programming, without the need for an antenna, just connect the Internet, to access different channels, with various genres and available styles of content;
  6. Supports and plays H.265 HEVC formats, which consume less internet and offer higher quality images.
  7. Phantom Fox 3D Vod Iptv Wifi Youtube Receiver – Does not connect to the antenna, only internet.

Main Features

  1. Operating system: Linux
  2. Usage mode: IPTV + vod ondemand
  3. Resolution: Full hd h.265 – mkv – hd 720p – 720x480p – 720x576p.
  4. Connectivity: WiFi or network cable.
  5. Voltage: bivolt 110-220v~50/60hz
  6. Interface: wifi antenna – IR – HDMI – av – s/pdif – ethernet
  7. Video Compression Format: H.264MPEG-4MPEG-2
  8. Interface Antenna Wi-Fi – IR – HDMI – AV – S/PDIF – Ethernet


It works in a similar way to streaming services like Youtube and Netflix, the famous on-demand that provides the biggest box office that is in the cinema or has just come out, the main series to watch whenever you want. These receivers came in addition to releasing more than 170 channels (of course, hi and sky) and still have available a collection of movies and series better than NETFLIX to watch whenever you want and without paying a monthly fee.

Phantom Fox IPTV New Update

Changelog: IPTV Server Improvements.

Last UpdateUpdated on 09-10-2022 Download

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