Phantom Ultra 4 HD New Update Available

Phantom Ultra 4 New Update Available

Phantom Ultra 4 HD

The Phantom Ultra 4 HD expands the number of TV channels, broadcasting programming with HD sound and image, thanks to the HDMI interface.

The two LNB inputs allow you to connect antennas and access channels via satellite, and the Ethernet input makes it possible for the user to connect the device to the modem to connect it to the Internet and access the IKS protocol and more On-demand with movies and series to watch when he wants.

Phantom Ultra 4 HD Specification

  1. Technology: ACM / CCM / VCM
  2. Parental Control: Channel password lock or channel delete function
  3. CPU Model: M3526
  4. Speed: 2000DMIPS with L2 Cache
  5. Core: Dual Core
  6. Flash: winbond 8M Bits
  7. Memory Model: Nanya
  8. Speed: 1866 MHz
  9. Transmission Type: DDR3
  10. Lan 10 / 100M Ethernet PHY
  11. USB One USB 2.0 Wi-Fi
  12. Port Support Resolution: Full HD 1080p * 1080i with support 3D AV Out RS-232
  13. Interface Output: SPDIF Fiber SPDIF Tuners DVB-S2 with ACM, CCM, and VCM Support
  14. Video Decoder: HEVC H.265, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, Xvid
  15. Audio Decoder: Mpeg 1 and 2, AAC, HE-AAC, Dolby Digital AC3, Dolby Digital Plus EAC3, OGG, FLAC

Phantom Ultra 4 HD Downloads

What’s New

Fix device reset

How to Update?

  1. Do the updates with the internet off on the receiver
  2. The update will be done with two files
  3. First, use the clean file
  4. Do a factory reset before updating with the first and second file
  5. The file is compressed, extract the two files on the pen drive.

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