Skybox f5 HD
SKYBOX F5 HD (1080p) 

Skybox f5 Specifications

1. Skybox f5 is Full HD (1080px) FTA with Multi CAs,LAN,USB and PVR
2. Skybox f5 supports 3G modems and USB Wifi also Internet, Ethernet, Youtube,, Gmail,, Google maps and Openbox X5, etc.
3. Skybox comes with surplus 1512A Processor.
4. Skybox f5 support dual smart card controller interface.
5. Skybox f5 support multi-language on-screen menu.
6. Skybox f5 can play real videos and support real player version, 8, 9 and 10.

Skybox f5 Features


1. You can download files from FTP server.
2. Support Conax embedded card reader.
3. Support automatic and manual channels scanning.
4. You can upgrade software via USB, RS232 or internet.
5. You can record videos and can shift one channel to another by time selection.
6. Playback with all file format e.g MKV, AVI, FLV, MP3, DAT, MPG
7. Powerful Program Management Function with Parents Lock
8. Parents Lock by Channels and Program Events.

Skybox Software Up gradation

Using the buttons on the front panel / top panel of your box:




Hold down the power button until the Red LED Standby light is illuminated on the front panel of your box (If your box does not have 3 LED conditions Red, Amber, Green switch off the power supply at the wall socket).


2. Press and hold the Backup button.




3. Whilst continuing to hold down the Backup button, power up the box by pressing the standby button on the front/top panel of your box ( if the box has been disconnected from the mains supply reconnect the mains power supply). Wait for all 4 LEDs to illuminate on the front panel of the box.




4. Release the backup button.




5. You will be presented with the on-screen message ” Updating System Software”. A system software update will take up to 10 minutes to complete.




6. Once the software update is complete the box will return to standby mode.




7. The box should remain in standby mode for up to 2 minutes prior to powering up the box.




Channels Upgradation


1. Format USB stick using FAT 32 System.


2. Download Channel List from Bellow


3. Unzip Channels list and paste it to USB file should be TP_PROG.DBS


4. Switch on your Skybox f5 


5. Wait for a moment until to boot up


6. Then Plug-in your USB stick in the USB slot of your Skybox f5.


7. On the remote click on menu, Select tools and upgrade by USB


8. Change the Upgrade mood by MISC files using Right Button.




Here is a picture showing How to upgrade Channels list of skybox f5

Skybox f5 HD

Skybox f5 HD
9. Press Ok or Add green button to put a tick by TP_PROG.DBS
10. Press Yellow or upgrade button to upgrade the file.
11. Wait for file uploading and don’t press anything…
12. Uploading will take a few minutes. Normally it uploads slow about 10% then whizzes through.
13. When it completes just keep pressing Exit button to go back to the main menu. Don’t care the upgrade report it gives you.
14. Now Switch off you skybox f5 to save the change. Some time Skybox save upgrades file automatically when you Exit the Menu.
For CCcam Process see Skybox f3

Original GPRS dongle Skybox G1 for Skybox F5

Skybox f5 HD
1- Open myTV / DSTV
2- Satellite receiver dongle G1 myTV GPRS ADAPTER
3- Internet Key Sharing (IKS) via the GSM network
4- Compatible with all vacancies GPRS mobile system
5- Used to pay-TV (Multichoice PSAT, CanalSat, MyTV, HiTV, Al Jazeera Sport, etc.)
6- Plug and play compatibility with SIM cards, phone Date Time @ TV @ night
7- Shortcut updating and changing speed channel
8- Simple tool for APN (Access Point Name) setting up and configuring the server via the RS-232 port
9- Service Stronger compare SKS Dongle (No risk of blocking the signal)
10- Place the SIM card (SIM card GPS / ADSL Internet) can dongle to work.
11- Need to work with another normal decoder
12- Lower cost compared to the ICC Ethernet service (No need to ADSL, monthly data flew <25MB) Dish

Skybox G1 GPRS Dongle — Guide

1-Connected G1 f5 one RS-232 port
2- Enter the F5 menu, select Local network settings> Network Settings> GPRS> acitive> Context dialog> alert (then activate this interface,
other network interfaces closed) settings after rebooting the box “active and new restart”> select “yes”> Please wait STB after reboot.Enter GPRS mode
3 Enter the main menu, select local institution Networ> LAN Settings> GPRS> SETTINGS> Obtain an IP connection that “OK
SkyBox F5 Weather Upgrade is Same as of Skybox F3


Standard List
No Adult List
With Standard Duplicate
No Adult List
With Standard Duplicate

More Downloads

SKYBOX F5 HD Card Sharing Setup
Tutorial with Picture



  1. Dear Admin Thanks for The Software
    Tell me how to do STB with this even port is invalid and notfollowing keyloader what is complete process of it. this is connecting to internet and free but speed is minimum 64MB Please Help Thanks

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