Updated Plugins Kodilite

Updated Plugins Kodilite

Updated Plugins Kodilite

Kodilite Installer

KodiLite Installer Plugin Version 3.0 25.04.2019 – unzip the attached and ftp the plugin to folder /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions – and restart enigma2. After the first time start of KodiLite – Exit and Restart enigma. Please note that any already installed KodiLite will be deleted. Installing KodiLite externally can make some operations faster and also useful for boxes with limited flash memory.

Download Kodi-Lite-Installer-3.0 (26-04-2019)

Kodi Live TV Plugin

Add-on for Kodi that allows you to watch hundreds of TV channels and listen to hundreds of radios from the Web. Furthermore, this plugin boasts the Playlist Manager, a powerful tool that will allow you to manage and organize your favorite media files, to download of multimedia files through an advanced downloader, with auto-resume functions (automatic restart of the download in case of disconnection from the server), possibility of stopping downloads and resuming them at a later time, simultaneous download of an undetermined number of files. Playlist Manager also supports m3u8 playlists with TV channels, movies or TV series.

Download plugin.video.kodilivetv-2.6.1 (26-04-2019)

Spark Plugin Update

Download Spark-plugin-update-(19.03.2019)

Biss key Editor Plugin

Biss key Editor Plugin mod RAED Update 2.0-r1 – 27.04.2019 – Try to Fix Tandberg key **** cd /tmp && tar -xzf biscotto-2.0-r1-mod-RAED.tar.gz -C /

Download Biss Key Editor Plugin (27.04.2019)

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