VU+ Receivers Tools Download

VU+ Receivers Tools Download

AddKey aka Biss key Editor Plugin (VU+ Receivers Tools)

AddKey aka Biss key Editor Plugin 3.4. Manually using the attached file. (VU+ Receivers Tools)

FeedsFinder DreamOS Plugin

Remote Control Button Help

  1. OK button: When the plugin is up, it shows all feed info and the user can navigate between feeds and scan each feed by pressing the OK button
  2. When the OK button is pressed, Satfinder will be up with all Feed specs(sat pos, freq, pol. SR)
  3. Green: BissFeed Autokey plugin will be up OK
  4. Yellow: Show Satfinder Screen to scan feed
  5. BLUE: Show Setting Screen
  6. RED & EXIT: Exit Plugin
  7. Left & Right Buttons: Navigate between Feeds
  8. Up & Down Buttons: The plugin shows the First & last Feed.

Option and Tips

  1. First of all, check the plugin setting. Press the Blue button and select the proper Tuner according to the feed sat position and your tuner configuration.
  2. Users can select two types of sorting for feeds. time sorting or sat sorting
  3. Always pay attention to SymbolRate and check it because sometimes feed hunters report wrong SymbolRate(like 7120 and 7200) or for Portugal football feeds, first SR=4937 is active and later SR= 9876 will be activated

NFR4X Boot

Extract the zip folder. Send to /user/lib/enigma2/python/plugins/extension – Reboot box *** It works perfect with ARM base boxes . Where OMB or Neoboot shows some errors.

Toolbox for all VU+ boxes

Toolbox for all VU+ boxes

Flash Tool VU+

Flash Tool VU+ Util V2.0.1

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