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WinSCP Version 5.21.8

This version of WinSCP has not been released yet. It will be uploaded as it releases.

What’s New in WinSCP 5.21.8

  1. Back-propagated fixes from the 6.0 beta release:
  2. Translations updated: German and Russian.
  3. TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1t.

Download WinSCP Version 5.21.7

Download for WINDOWS 7, WINDOWS, 8.1, WINDOWS 10

What’s New in WinSCP 5.21.7

Improvements to official Batch Rename extension:
Made GUI refresh optional to allow standalone execution.
Not failing when the specified file does not require any rename.
Bug fix: Rename fails when the filename contains file mask special characters.
Bug fix: When system settings change after the new version message box, failure is displayed.

You can also download the Open Exe file from the official site HERE

Download Oscam Here

Download Putty for WINDOWS OS


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