Amazon Fire TV Stick: How to set up and use?

Amazon Fire TV stick Set Up

It’s no secret that cutting a cable can save you money. But if you’re swapping out your cable for streaming services, you may need a device to connect to your TV. One of the options available in the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

With it, you can access hundreds of streaming service channels to watch just about anything you want.

What you need to set up your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Here’s what you need before setting up.

  1. HDMI TV
  2. Socket nearby
  3. Wireless Internet
  4. Amazon account

When you have everything you need, grab your Fire TV Stick and start setting up.

What’s in the box for the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2nd generation)


Amazon Fire TV Stick unbox
In the box for the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2nd generation)
  1. Getting Started Guide
  2. Amazon Fire TV Stick
  3. HDMI Extender
  4. Micro USB cable
  5. Wall power adapter
  6. Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Control
  7. 2 AAA batteries

How to set up an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Time needed: 6 minutes

You can watch the video above or continue reading to follow the setup instructions for this streaming device.

  1. Connect it

    First, take the Micro USB cable and connect the Micro USB end (smaller side) to the side of the Fire TV Stick.Fire TV Stick.

  2. HDMI port

    Now connect your device to the HDMI port on your TV.HDMI Port Connect to Amazon Fire TV Stick

  3. Set up your TV

    On your TV remote, use an input, source, or similar button to set your TV to the same input as the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The input to the source menu must match the HDMI port number on the TV to which you connected your stick amazon

  4. Run Onscreen Customization

    After connecting the remote pairs, press the Play / Pause button and select your language.
    The device will then search for Wi-Fi. Select a network name, enter a password, and wait while the device connects to your wireless Internet.
    The Fire TV Stick then checks for updates. You may have to wait a few minutes for the update installation to complete and restart.firestick amazon

  5. Activate the device

    Now connect your streaming device to your Amazon account. If you already have an Amazon account, just enter your login details.
    If you don’t have an Amazon account, you’ll need to create one. I’ve found that creating a new account on a computer is easier than signing up with the Fire TV Stick.
    After creating your account, select the “I already have an Amazon account” option and enter your credentials.
    This process registers your device and connects it to your account.firestick 4k

  6. Complete the on-screen setup

    Once you’ve signed in to your device, you can save your Wi-Fi password to your Amazon account to allow it to connect to compatible devices you’re signed in to.
    Then you can turn on parental controls if you like.firestick

  7. Complete the Amazon remote setup

    Now, complete the Amazon remote set up so you can use it to control the volume and turn your TV on and off.
    Make sure the volume on your TV is turned on. A sound will be heard and the device will prompt you to use the Amazon remote to adjust the volume to check if it fire tv stick 4k

  8. Set up and enjoy!

    You will now see channels that you can add to your home screen for easier access.
    After selecting the ones you need, click “Finish”.fire stick amazon

Final thought

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a great, affordable way to stream from the comfort of your home. In addition, it has a voice remote control with power and volume controls for ease of use.

If you already have a device in your home, you can also sync it with your Fire TV Stick for a more complete experience.

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