How to set PIN code for Parental control on Samsung TV

What is Infinity Screen, parental control

Parental control on Samsung TV

In order to put a Parental control with a PIN code on Samsung TV, do the following:

  1. First, on the included remote control, press the HOME button.
  2. From the available options, select “Settings”.
  3. The next step may vary depending on your TV’s menu options:
  4. Go to the TV category, select Watch TV. Then click on “Parental Lock”. Go to “PIN Code”.
  5. Alternative action: Select “Watch TV”, then go to “Parental Controls” and there to “Parental Lockout. Next, “PIN Code”.
  6. After the previous ambiguous items on the “New PIN entry screen”, select the desired 4-digit PIN.
  7. Accordingly, on the “Re-enter PIN” screen, re-enter the 4-digit PIN to confirm.
  8. If you forget your PIN, enter the master PIN for your TV. In case you don’t know the master PIN, remember that you can contact product support to confirm the information.
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