How to set up card sharing on Openbox receiver

How to set up card sharing on Openbox receiver

Set up card sharing on Openbox satellite receiver to watch encrypted channels.

Openbox Receivers where you can set up card sharing

  1. Openbox F300, F500;
  2. Openbox X-540, X-560, X-590;
  3. Openbox X-730, X-750, X-770, X-790;
  4. Openbox X-800, X-810, X-820;
  5. Openbox S1, S2, S2 Mini, S3, S3 Mini, S3 Mini II, S3 Micro.

Conditions to set up card sharing on Openbox

To successfully set up card sharing, all of the following conditions must be met

  1. Connect receiver to the TV,
  2. Tune receiver to the satellite where channels are broadcast on which cardsharing is possible,
  3. Receiver should have updated software with support for cardsharing,
  4. Connect Reeiver to internet via computer,
  5. You should have an active subscription or test access to the package of channels you need from the cardsharing provider

How to set up cardsharing on an Openbox receiver with a built-in emulator

To set up card sharing on an Openbox receiver follow these steps

  1. Get card sharing settings from your ISP. The provider must provide the following parameters: – server name or IP address – port – log in (username) – password (password)

  2. Turn on the TV and select to watch from the receiver.

  3. Press the following sequence of buttons on the receiver’s remote control: Menu > 1 > 1 > 1 > 3

  4. Select the “Server List” item in the special menu that opens: If a list of servers is displayed instead of this menu, proceed to the next step

  5. Make sure that a list of servers (slots) for card sharing appears on the screen:

  6. Highlight any slot by going to it using the ∧ and ∨ buttons on the remote control, then press the red button to open the parameter editing window:

  7. Enter the parameters sequentially using the remote control: – Name – think up and specify any name convenient for you; – Active — set On; – Address — enter the name or IP address of the server given to you by the card sharing provider; – Port — specify the port number given to you by the card sharing provider; – Login — specify the username (login) that was given to you by the card sharing provider; – Password — enter the password (password) given to you by the card sharing provider; – Key — must be set to 0102030405060708091011121314, this parameter should not be changed; – Filter – leave Off unless otherwise recommended by your ISP; – Channel – leave Both.

  8. Click the Back arrow button to return to the list of slots

  9. Make sure that the slot you just configured is labeled UP (maybe ACTIVE or otherwise, depending on the receiver model and firmware version)

  10. Find and turn on the TV channel you want to watch using card sharing.

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