How to Set Up Satellite Channels Yourself

How to Set Up Satellite Channels Yourself

How to Set Up Satellite Channels Yourself 

How to set up satellite channels? Without experience installing an antenna is difficult. But you can figure it out yourself. If you have patience and do not want to pay installers for their services, then this instruction is for you.
These same specialists had once been without experience and knowledge as you. But they learned their craft. Make an effort and you will succeed. Moreover, having trained on your antenna, you can provide services to your friends or relatives.
Be prepared for the fact that you can immediately fail. Perhaps the first setup and installation of the antenna may take a week, but then you can perform all these actions in a couple of hours.

Satellite selection

Before setting the satellite channels, you need to decide which satellite you will receive them from. In space, a huge number of such objects are flying, and they all broadcast different TV channels.


How to Set Up Satellite Channels Yourself
Signals of the following devices are well received in Russia:
Hot Bird at 13.0 degrees east longitude (several Russian channels and a large package of adult channels);
  1. Express AMU1 at 36 degrees c. d. (“Tricolor TV” and NTV +);
  2. Express AM6 at 53.0 degrees c. d .;
  3. Yamal 402 at 54.9 degrees c. d .;
  4. Express AT1 at 56.0 degrees c. (Tricolor TV Siberia and NTV + Vostok);
  5. ABS 2 at 75.0 degrees c. e. (MTS TV);
  6. Horizons 2 & Intelsat 15 at 85.0 degrees c. d. (“Continent TV” / “Telekart”)
  7. Yamal 401 at 90.0 degrees c. d .;
  8. Express AM33 at 96.5 degrees c. d
Of course, there are other satellites, but these are in demand because of the large number of Russian-language channels. On all other sites, there are no Russian channels or they are there, but in very small quantities.
On mentioned there are both open channels and paid ones. In the list above, all paid packages where indicated in brackets. Please note that “Tricolor TV” and NTV + are broadcast at 36 and 56 degrees, but are called a little differently. Channels and frequencies there are slightly different. Moreover, the encoding used is also different.
The satellite, located at 56 degrees, is most of all focused on the eastern part of Russia. And the packages located in the position of 36 degrees – on the European part.
If you do not plan to buy cards for paid viewing or use sharing, then you need to choose such satellites, where many free channels are broadcast. For example, an excellent solution would be a multifid consisting of satellites at positions 75, 85 and 90. All these signals can be received on one antenna since they are located close to each other. They can catch a lot of open Russian channels.
How to Set Up Satellite Channels Yourself

f you have a large antenna at home (180 centimeters in diameter), then at the edges, you can hang a couple more heads. But from-scratch without experience it will be difficult for you to do it. First, catch at least something head in the center (as shown in the figure), and then make additional attachment to receive other satellites.

Selection of equipment for viewing

To set up satellite TV channels and further viewing you need special equipment. A complete set can always be bought in specialized stores. If you want to watch NTV +, MTS TV, “Tricolor TV” or something else, then you can buy equipment with the receiver in the same place.

If you do not plan to watch paid channels, use sharing or watch only open ones, then buy better in a store that is not associated with these television providers.

Satellite dishes and heads are almost the same everywhere. But there is one difference. Some channels are broadcast on frequencies with circular polarization, and some – with linear. A special plate is installed in the heads for circular polarization inside, which refracts the signal.

How to Set Up Satellite Channels Yourself

Satellite tuners are also different. It is advisable to take the modern ones that support the latest generation of digital television. Old models, many channels are not accepted.

Antenna installation

Satellite channel settings are made only after the antenna is assembled.

It should be fastened as firmly as possible. Otherwise, with a strong wind, it will shift. A change in position by at least a couple of millimeters will greatly change the quality of the signal.

How to Set Up Satellite Channels Yourself

Of course, at first, you only need to firmly fix the legs and not the entire antenna. Otherwise, she will be motionless.

When mounting the antenna, you need to choose a position so that it looks in the direction where one or another satellite is located.

Now you can find many programs that help determine their position with the help of GPS. You will only have to direct the antenna in the direction indicated by the phone.

Satellite Tuning

How to Set Up Satellite Channels Yourself
Independently tuning the channels of a satellite dish is done using a satellite receiver or special equipment. An example is shown in the figure below.
If you do not plan to do this in the future, then there is no need to spend extra money. It is better to use the receiver that you bought for viewing. He also catches signals well.
How to Set Up Satellite Channels Yourself

You need to open the frequency table of the channels of the satellite you need and drive the required value into the receiver.

If you have a modern model, then fresh and working frequencies should be programmed in its database, which greatly facilitates the search. You do not need to manually drive in as many numbers.

After you have entered the frequency, the flow rate, indicated the polarization, you will need to move the antenna and the head until the signal quality is as high as possible. If the signal quality is poor, your picture will sometimes disappear, then there will be various interferences. And in bad weather, you will see only a picture of Malevich. Therefore, you need to try to achieve the maximum signal level.

As soon as you achieve the best signal, you need to start a search so that the channels are fixed in the database. The principle of operation of all receivers is the same. Changing only the design. In addition, there are always tips.

Setting up satellite channels on your TV

Settings of satellite channels on the TV can be made on the same principle. Only the receiver is used built-in, not external. But there are some downsides. Built-in receivers in the TV can not open paid channels using sharing or any firmware. You will have to watch only open channels or buy an official card.


Before you tune the antenna, think many times and learn where and which channels are broadcast. Please note that many of them are duplicated on all Russian-speaking satellites. Therefore, it makes no sense to catch them every single one.

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