Modern Satellite TV Breakdowns

Modern causes and breakdowns of satellite equipment (Modern Satellite TV Breakdowns)

Modern Satellite TV Breakdowns

Although old satellite receivers or even relatively new but cheap ones also break down very often, the most common reason is electrolytic capacitors. (Modern Satellite TV Breakdowns)


Swollen or dried capacitors are a very common failure in today’s affordable electronics.
In satellite receivers, the capacitors of the power supply most often lie.
The second and no less rare breakdown, which by the way and is not always easy to calculate, especially for inexperienced masters, is an antenna cable.
Often, Chinese television cables, which have served for several years on the street, sometimes just crumble, burst, break.
This leads to signal loss and sometimes to a short circuit and breakdown of the disk or even the receiver.
Very often, in the white cable, the upper insulation bursts, water gets into it. In the best case, the braid rots, and in the worst case, water flows into the receiver, which is even more deplorable.
These are the main two modern causes and breakdowns of satellite equipment that have failed due to wear and aging.

 Satellite Antenna Failure (Modern Satellite TV Breakdowns)

You can certainly mention the rotten mirrors of satellite dishes. But even in the most deplorable state, the signal will be reflected and everything continues to work until the antenna falls from the wind :).
Well, or already deformed as in the picture above.
At the expense of a satellite converter breakdown, this is not a common problem. In general, satellite converters break very rarely. Another thing is disek.
Disks burn out very often, often due to a short circuit or just because of poor quality.
Thus, the main modern breakdown of satellite TV is a rotten television cable, which sometimes leads to other breakdowns and is the main reason for the breakdown of satellite equipment.
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