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Openbox v8s HD PVR How to

Openbox v8s HD PVR How to

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How to Upload M3U File in Openbox v8s HD

  1.  Copy WebTV file to the USB stick
  2.  Make sure the file name is “WebTV” different name or any addition with this will result in the file read the failed message.
  3. Connect USB to your Openbox v8s
  4. GO to multimedia and press ok on WebTV
  5. Press the yellow button on your remote to upload the file
  6. Press “Yes”
  7. Ready to Go

How to Install/Update Channel in Openbox v8s HD

  • Download the channel list of your choice
  • Download the list to your computer first and after copy the list and paste it into your USB Memory stick. Please make sure you put the file onto the USB main directory don’t put it into any folders or change the file name. Normally some internet browsers change the file name if you download more than once by putting the brackets and numbers in the name e.g. TP_PROG(1).dbs which is wrong and the box will not accept the file. The file should look like TP_PROG.dbs
  • Put the USB Stick into the USB port in the back of the box
  • Press the Menu button on your Remote control
  • Select the option “Delete All”
  • Select “Yes “and press “OK”
  • Navigate to Tool Menu Using Arrow Keys on your remote control
  • Select Option “Upgrade by USB” and Press “OK”
  • Change Upgrade mode to “Mics Files” using the right arrow key on the Remote control
  •  Change “Keeping DBS and Setting” From “Yes” to “NO”
  • Press “OK” on “Select &Upgrade”
  • Select option “1” and press “OK” and a green tick will appear next to option “1”
  • Now press the yellow button on your remote to Upgrade
  • A progress bar will start and when it is 100% complete just press the exit button on your remote control
  • Reboot your box by pressing the “POWER” button
  • Channel upgrade is complete after reboot

How to Upgrade Firmware in Openbox v8s HD

  1.  Download the latest Firmware in your computer and copy it on the main directory of your USB stick (please note that File format Should be SKYBOX_v8s_CMT_14041006DA.abs  and not in  SKYBOX_v8s_CMT_14041006DA(1).abs wrong file format will not upgrade the firmware
  2. Put the USB Stick into the USB port in the back of the box
  3. Press the Menu button on your Remote control
  4. Navigate to Tool Menu Using Arrow Keys on your remote control
  5. Select Option “Upgrade by USB” and Press “OK”
  6.  i. Make Sure Upgrade Mode is set to “Image File”  ii. Filename Downloaded to the USB stick will show next to Upgrade file.   iii. Keeping DBS and Setting set to “Yes” if you don’t want to lose Gift, Channel List, and other settings.  iv. Now Go to Start and Press “OK”
  7. Choose  “Yes” and Press “OK”
  8. A progress bar will run and after completion, the box will reboot automatically, and after re-boot firmware is upgraded. 

How to Install CCcam On OpenBox V8s

  • First Create a CCcam.cfg file in notepad copy and paste to your Clines
  • Copy The File onto a USB stick.
  • Connect the USB stick to your box.
  • On the Box remote click Menu, go on Network Local Setting, and click OK.
  • Choose Cards Setup and press OK.
  • If you can’t see this option go to network and press 0000 or 6666 or 8888 or 2778 this should bring up a hidden menu
  • By default, you should see “CCcam Client Setup”, press OK.
  • Now, if you have any  Clines already, you must remove them Before installing the new one.
  • Click “Manage Config Files” then choose “CCcam.cfg” and press OK
  • If you have any old clines listed, you need to remove them, Go to “Delete All” to do that.
  • Reboot the box by using the power button on your remote.
  • Once the box has rebooted,  go to Menu>Network Local Setting>Camds Setup>CCcam Client Setup>Manage Config Files>CCcam.cfg There should be No lines Showing
  • Now press exit to get back to the previous page and then click “Update Files by USB” and then click “CCcam.cfg(CCcam plug)” and press OK.
  • A sign will appear. Press the Yellow button on the remote control to start.
  • You should see “Now reading CCcam.cfg .. Find New Account .. Save Data OK .. Read All Finished”.
  • Now when you go to Manage Config Files and you should see the content of CCcam.cfg of your box,
  • Clines are installed and they “Need Reboot”.

How To Setup IPTV on Openbox v8s

  1. Download your M3U list
  2. Rename your M3U file to Web TV.m3u. The WebTV app reads m3u files with WebTV.m3u’s name better.
  3. Copy your WebTV.m3u file to a USB
  4. Connect the USB containing the Web.m3u file
  5. Open Menu
  6. Move right all the way to “Multimedia”
  7. From the list choose “WebTV”
  8. If there are channels already on that list, make sure that they empty by pressing the green button: Del All
  9. Now press the yellow button to “Read By USB” then the channels will appear
  10. If you don’t have the yellow option ” Read by USB”  Now, go back to the main menu and going to  “Tools”
  11. After that, from the list choose “Upgrade By USB”
  12. On the next page, change Upgrade Mode to “Misc Files” and from the bottom of the list choose “Select & Upgrade”. Press OK on it
  13. From the window that pops up, choose “WebTV.m3u (Web Stream)” and you must make sure a green tick on the right side. Afterward, press the yellow button to Upgrade
  14. Once the process is finished, you will see a message saying “Upgrade Finished. Press Info Key for Result”.
  15.  Press exit twice to go back to the menu and from Multimedia open the WebTV app. Channels will appear on the list.
  16. It will work well now

Openbox v8s not connecting to the internet

Sometimes while connecting the box to the internet via USB Wi-Fi you will experience Time Out error message and does not allow you to connect to the internet. There is a very simple solution and works most of the time.
  1. The first solution is to reset your broadband and after broadband reboots and start working then try to connect. Each broadband got a “Reset” tiny little button. Different broadband has different button locations. Please refer to your broadband service provider’s guidance to find out how to reset the broadband.
  2.  If the first solution doesn’t work and you get Time Out error message don’t do anything just unplug the Wi-Fi Dongle and plug it back in. As soon you unplug the dongle menu will go one step back to Network Settings after plugging the dongle back in just go to Wi-Fi Manager, turn the Wi-Fi device back on and try to connect again by entering your Wi-Fi password and this time it will connect. This method works 90%

Openbox v8s Latest Firmware and Tools Download

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