AB Cryptobox 800 UHD Review

AB Cryptobox 800 UHD Review

AB Cryptobox 800 UHD Review
The Slovak manufacturer of satellite equipment, which offers consumers stable working devices for a small budget, decided to try their hand at the UHD content segments. The new AB Cryptobox 800 UHD has the ability to play content in ultra-high-resolution 4K in the format in the H.265 HEVC codec.

In appearance, the receiver continues the design that has already become the corporate identity of the company. Front AB Cryptobox 800 UHD is no different from other models of the company. A display that displays information, a tray for a card reader, everything is in its usual places.

At the back, we see that the tuner is just one DVB-S2X. The connector navigation has also changed, which is typical for all AB Cryptobox satellite receiver models. According to the manufacturer, the tuner received a new ALIM 2661 chipset with a clock frequency of 1 Hz. The novelty has 16 MB of flash memory and 256 MB of RAM. Which is actually very small for playing 4K content. It will be necessary to test when the receiver appears with us.
Of the shortcomings, what catches right away is the lack of a slot for CI + modules. This is actually a significant minus, which can play a decisive role when buying this tuner.

In general, knowing that the receivers from AB Cryptobox are high-quality and reliable for their money, the device has a right to exist. The manufacturer’s move is clear. Now many people are massively adding 4K support to their receivers. So the Slovak manufacturer decided on this step.

In any case, when the receiver appears with us, we will remove the unpacking and show you it in more detail.

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