Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review

About Amiko

Amiko is a major European manufacturer of satellite equipment. Brand Amiko for more than 10 years is known for its high-quality and inexpensive products. Amiko HD receivers can boast excellent workmanship and are traditionally made in a plastic-metal or aluminum casing of excellent design. Each Amiko device runs on Linux OS and allows you to greatly expand the functionality of devices with dozens of plug-ins and alternative firmware. (Amiko HD Receivers)
Modern HD-receivers Amiko works fine as a multimedia player, supports all popular video file formats, can record the air on external USB drives, and then play them at any time convenient for you. The most popular models are Combo, capable of receiving a terrestrial DVB-T / T2 signal, a satellite DVB-S / S2 signal, and a DVB-C cable signal.

Amiko A4 T2 / C

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review

Amiko A4 T2 / C is an updated hybrid T2 console on Android from the Amiko brand. The device combines the high quality of components, functionality and affordable price, delighting users with great features, image quality, and speed. The console can be a full replacement for the cable receiver, T2 set-top box, IPTV set-top box, as well as a media player. A distinctive feature of the model is a stylish and compact black body. It looks much more impressive than its competitors due to the diode backlight, the color of which easily changes in the settings.

The Amiko A4 T2 / C receiver is designed to receive digital terrestrial and cable television in DVB-T, DVB-T2, and DVB-C standards, and also offers the functionality of an embedded media player. The model copes with any tasks due to the use of fast and modern processor Amlogic S905, as well as 1 GB of RAM. The hybrid receiver works on the Android platform, so users will have free access to the Market with Android applications and significantly expand the capabilities of the TV to the level of a full-fledged Smart TV.

The device is very compact – its dimensions are 140x31x100 mm. All switching connectors are located on the rear surface (antenna input, Ethernet, HDMI 2.0, AV Out, optical SPDIF) and on one side panel of the console (2 USB ports and a slot for MicroSD cards). The console is also equipped with a card reader and a built-in Wi-Fi module, and USB ports can be used not only to connect external drives but also to organize a 3G connection via USB dongle.

Amiko T60

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
Amiko T60 is a compact receiver for receiving digital TV channels DVB-T2. The model is made in a black plastic case with small slots for ventilation of the components.
Front Amiko T60 located control buttons (power, volume, channel switching), LED display and USB port for playing content from external drives. Behind are the HDMI and SCART video outputs for connecting to modern TVs, an antenna input and a connector for an external power supply.
The technical stuffing was based on a processor with a frequency of 594MHz and 512 MB of RAM. The on-air T2 receiver supports up to 1080p resolution and allows you to record and watch your favorite TV programs and movies at any time thanks to PVR and TimeShift functions using external USB media. The built-in media player plays basic media formats: MKV, AVI, JPEG, MP3.

Amiko A4 Combo 4K

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
Amiko A4 Combo 4K is a flagship combo receiver (universal) from the A4 series. In addition to receiving a satellite signal, the device offers a cable and terrestrial receiver in a single package, as well as Android Smart TV Box console functionality. In addition, A4 Combo 4K runs on the Android 5.1 operating system and offers customers a multimedia processor functionality with image output with a resolution of up to 4K UltraHD. You can maximize the potential of the receiver using applications from the Google Play Market. And it is especially worth noting the affordable price of the Amiko receiver in comparison with similar models from other manufacturers.
Amiko A4 Combo 4K has a stylish design – the black case of the classic form factor with LED backlighting. On the side panel there are 2 USB ports and a microSD card slot and behind the main connectors. The model uses a processor Amlogic S905, supplemented by 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory. The network is represented by Ethernet and an integrated Wi-Fi adapter, and in addition, you can connect a 3G USB modem. There is HDMI 2.0, optical SPDIF and minijack Audio L / R.
A4 Combo 4K will allow the owner not only to record received channels on external drives but also to watch videos in high HD and ultra-high 4K UltraHD quality, playing music in MP3 and FLAC. Content is played both from external drives and from local, network resources and via the Internet. And gamers will be happy with a large assortment of games from the Android Market, which will be played without brakes thanks to the S905 processor and Mali graphics.

Amiko A5 Combo 4K

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review

Amiko A5 Combo 4K is a new combined receiver of 2018, the successor of the Amiko A4 Combo / Satellite / T2 / C line. The novelty has received a new powerful processor, the user has a choice of the Android or Enigma2 operating system. In addition to the existing functions of watching satellite TV, you can view on-air DVB-T2 and DVB-C cable TV.

On the Amiko A5 Combo 4K, an Amlogic S905D 1.5 GHz processor is installed, which focuses on DVB reception features. The model uses 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory for storing programs and files. The receiver can use Enigma 2 images of OpenATV 6.2 and Kernel 3.14.29. The new MALI-MP450 graphics processor supports Main10 HEVC H.265 2160p60 and VP9 video.

The model has two USB 2.0 ports and one USB3.0 port with support for USB hubs, one microSD slot. A gigabit network port, an integrated Wi-Fi module at 2.4 / 5 GHz and Bluetooth 4.0 are responsible for connecting to a local network or the Internet.

The combo receiver runs under the operating system Android 7.1.2, the shell is very simple and easy to use and will help you quickly configure the receiver to an inexperienced user. DTV LinkDroid applications, the latest version of Kodi 17.6, YouTube 4K support and Netflix 4K are already included in the basic configuration. In the console, you can configure IPTV reception (implemented through support for IPTV STB UEM and Stalker). Of the special features of the manufacturer notes the control and management of the receiver using mobile devices Android and iPhone.

Amiko Alien 2 Triple

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
Amiko Alien 2 Triple – a new unique combo model that continues the tradition of the popular satellite HDTV receiver Amiko SHD-8900. The receiver Amiko Alien 2 Triple on request of the client comes with 2 DVB-S2 tuners and one DVB-C / T tuner. In fact, this is the first receiver with several tuners, presented in an inexpensive segment of the market. Plus Alien 2 Triple has a dual load (you can work under the system Enigma 2 or Spark).
In addition, Amiko Alien 2 Triple is a multi-functional device and can be a home media center or a SMART device with great internet capabilities (Youtube, SHOUTcast, Picasa, Twitter, Google Talk, a web browser). It is worth noting the current HbbTV interactive television support for Europe, compatibility with 3G Internet Modem and numerous USB Wireless keyboards and mice.

Amiko HD8260 +

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
Do you need a compact and feature-rich Full HD combo receiver? Pay attention to the novelty – the Amiko HD8260 + digital receiver is capable of receiving satellite DVB-S / S2, terrestrial DVB-T / T2, and cable DVB-C television signals.
The Amiko HD8260 + receiver is built on a modern dual-core processor with a frequency of 600 MHz, has 256 MB of DDR3 RAM and 16 MB of flash memory. The device is equipped with 2 tuners (DVB-S / S2 and DVB-T2 / C), a Conax card reader and a CI slot for installing conditional access modules. HDMI and two high-speed USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet connectivity and a USB Wi-Fi adapter (only dongles on the Ralink RT5370 chip are supported) should be highlighted among the interfaces and connectors. When external USB drives are connected to the Amiko HD8260 +, you can use the delayed write Timeshift and favorite timer program recordings. And the presence of coaxial digital audio output S / PDIF will allow you to enjoy multi-channel sound by connecting the receiver to a home theater system.
Particular attention is paid to the developers of the media player mode – almost all multimedia files with the MKV, AVI, MPEG, TS, VOB, MP3 and JPEG extensions are played. Thanks to Internet access, you can access YouTube online services, weather, news, Google Maps, etc. After installing the free Amiko Streamer application from the Play Store to your phone or tablet, you will have access to watching TV and Radio programs on your Android device within home network coverage. In addition, using your Android device, you can almost completely control the receiver remotely.

Amiko Mini Combo Extra

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
The new AMIKO Mini Combo Extra is a combo receiver that supports 3 types of DVB-T / T2, DVB-S / S2, DVB-C standards, which allows receiving satellite, terrestrial and cable signal in HD quality. High resolution and rich color will allow you to enjoy watching any TV show. The novelty is distinguished by its build quality and fast processor, it can be hidden behind the TV (for these purposes, a remote IR receiver is already included in the package).
AMIKO Mini Combo Extra is equipped with 2 tuners: on-air DVB-T / T2 and cable DVB-C; satellite DVB-S / S2. On board, there is a universal Conax card reader with support for conditional access cards such as XTRA TV. Connecting to the Internet will allow AMIKO Mini Combo Extra to be used as an IPTV or OTT console. This is possible via an Ethernet network interface or a USB Wi-Fi adapter (Ralink RT5370, RT7601). After connecting to the Internet, the user gets access to YouTube videos, RSS feeds, weather forecast and various OTT content.
The receiver works with USB drives and plays the most popular media file formats like MKV, TS, TP, TRP, M2TS, MP3, OGG, FLAC, JPG, BMP and can record TV shows with a PVR timer or for delayed viewing TimeShift. We should also highlight the support for the H.265 / HEVC codec.

Amiko A3 Black

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
Hungarian company Amiko introduced its new product – Amiko A3. This satellite receiver is completely identical to the GI Spark2 model and differs only in adaptation to the European market. The functionality of the model has long gone beyond the reception of TV channels. Like many of the flagship receivers in 2014, Amiko A3 has a built-in media player that can record and play a variety of audio and video content, access to the Internet and even a set of games.
The appearance of the receiver is futuristic, and the body is made of aluminum and small plastic inserts. The glossy front panel of the receiver hides the display, and the on/off button of the receiver is also displayed on the front. The main connectors are displayed on the rear panel. Amiko A3 Black is designed to connect to modern TVs and monitors, and therefore have to be content with only the HDMI connector and optical audio output S / PDIF. Also at the back are: optical audio output S / PDIF input for connecting satellite antenna (LNB IN), Ethernet network interface, mini-USB and USB connectors, SD memory card interface, card reader and connector for connecting an external power supply. The ergonomic Amiko A3 remote control has a built-in gyro sensor, a microphone, and a headphone output. You can also control the receiver from your smartphone,
The Amiko A3 receiver runs on a modern ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor running the Android 4.2 operating system with the Spark2 shell. The model accepts satellite TV channels from DVB-S / DVB-S2 transponders with MPEG2 / MPEG4 compression. In addition, Amiko A3 Black is a full-fledged media extender on Android, which includes the installation of millions of free and paid applications and games from Google Play, XBMC shell support, and Flash technology in the browser. In addition, the new device allows streaming to a computer or mobile device.

Amiko Neo Combo SE

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
The new hybrid receiver Amiko Neo Combo SE fully accommodates 3 receivers at once – satellite, cable and terrestrial. Such a symbiosis of equipment and functionality contributes to the reception of any television and radio programs. The technical filling of the device is based on the Sunplus 1507E processor (540 MHz), which is supplemented by 256 MB of RAM and 16 MB of flash memory. The Neo Combo SE receiver allows you to play files not only with H.264 compression because it supports the most modern data compression format – H.265 (HEVC).
The model is made in a classic black design with a smooth front panel and control buttons on its upper end. On the right side, there is a USB port, and a pleasant surprise was the slot for the SSD drive, which is located on the back of the receiver. Its presence will be appreciated by buyers, who often record the received programs. By the way, recordings on Amiko Neo Combo SE are already saved without encoding.
Combo Receiver Amiko Neo Combo SE is perfect for working in the network of cable and satellite providers, as well as the T2 air network of Ukraine. To decode the signal, the model is equipped with a universal card reader. A set of interfaces for connection is represented by HDMI, RCA, and optical S / PDIF. The built-in media player plays popular movie and music formats from external drives, there is a built-in AC3 sound decoder. And after connecting to the Internet, the capabilities of the console are greatly expanded. Thanks to the wired Ethernet 100 or wireless connection (Wi-Fi adapters based on the RT5370 chipset are supported), you can watch favorite content from YouTube, IPTV, WebTV, etc. on the TV screen.

Amiko A4 Satellite 4K

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
Amiko A4 Satellite 4K is one of the most anticipated new products in 2017 at a fairly low price! This is a brand new satellite Ultra HD receiver operating on a powerful 4-core 64-bit Amlogic S905 processor (Cortex A53 2.0 GHz). The company to it was made by the graphic 8th nuclear accelerator Mali 450MP, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory.
The main advantage of the Amiko A4 Satellite 4K receiver is support for high-quality 4K Ultra HD video (2160p resolution) in HEVC via HDMI 2.0. However, the other characteristics also did not disappoint, and on board, there are almost all the necessary interfaces (and for connoisseurs of surround sound, an optical audio output S / PDIF is prepared). Network connectivity and rich media player functionality is possible via the built-in Wi-Fi adapter (802.11 b / g / n) or Ethernet port (100 Mbps). Content for the media player and firmware updates are easy to get from a USB media or microSD card (up to 32 GB).
The novelty has received a solid compact case design. For convenient work with the interface and applications, the A4 has the ability to connect a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse through one of the two USB ports. The models include KODI player support, Dolby Digital sound, hundreds of thousands of available applications on the Play Market on Android OS and much more.

Amiko Alien 2 Twin

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
Amiko Alien 2 Twin – an updated model of the popular satellite HDTV receiver Amiko SHD-8900 Alien. The new model combines a powerful STi 7162 processor and wide functionality. Amiko Alien 2 is a receiver with 2 DVB-S2 tuners, presented in an inexpensive market segment. In addition, the receiver has a dual load – the user can choose under which system to work Enigma2 or Spark.
The new product differs from its predecessor Amiko SHD-8900 Alien: with a 
more modern STi 7162 processor; 
large dimensions; 
the presence of a VFD display; 
2 card readers.
Due to the presence of two DVB-S2 tuners in Amiko Alien 2 Twin, it is possible to simultaneously watch one channel and record another. The developers have not forgotten about such popular functionality as PVR and TimeShift. You can write to an external USB hard drive or USB flash drive, and for connecting them there are 2 USB connectors in the receiver. In the receiver, it is possible to organize both wired and wireless Internet connection (you will need an additional USB Wi-Fi adapter on RT73, RT2870, RT3070 chips). As a result, the receiver has quite extensive Internet capabilities: support for popular services (Youtube, SHOUTcast, Picasa, Twitter, Google Talk, etc.), a web browser. Plus Amiko Alien 2 can be a home media center, as it can play popular video formats, listen to music and view photos.

Amiko Alien Mini

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
The company Amiko presents a novelty of 2015 – the inexpensive satellite receiver Alien Mini, which is the younger relative of the popular model Amiko Alien SHD-8900. Since its launch on the market, the latter has become one of the most popular satellite HD receivers due to the stable operation of receivers, as well as considerable functionality.
The Amiko Alien Mini is absolutely identical in functionality, but a little trimmed in equipment and a smaller model. In essence, this is a response to market demand and the desire of buyers. The main differences from the older model are the lack of a SCART connector and a digital coaxial audio output. But there are innovations: the ability to hide the receiver behind a TV or in another place (there are fastenings on a vertical surface and an external IR sensor), an external power supply (less heating of the receiver body and ease of repair).
The compact satellite HD receiver Alien Mini has the ability to receive DVB-S / S2 standard channels with MPEG2 / MPEG4 compression. The receiver has 2 shells: a quick and easy Spark (by default) and an “advanced» Enigma2. But it is worth noting that the full and stable operation of Enigma2 will not work because it requires more powerful hardware than the installed STi7111 processor (450MHz) and 256 MB of RAM.
Access to official providers is possible only through access cards. In addition to the stable satellite tuner, the new product has a built-in media player with many features. It supports all major file formats and codecs. Of course, there is a PVR function with recording to external USB drives. Also in the Amiko Alien Mini, there is a function of the delayed viewing Timeshift. Owners of the receiver will be pleased with the ability to connect to a local network or the Internet via Ethernet port, USB Wi-Fi adapter, and 3G modem.


Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
Amiko EVO EZTV LAN – a compact satellite receiver DVB-S2 (Full HD). The model offers good functionality and support for network functions (Ethernet and optional Wi-Fi) for a modest price.
The case of the novelty will be pleased with its laconic design and dimensions (114x69x20mm), and it is made of black plastic with ventilation holes. The front panel contains a four-character display showing the channel or time, as well as the universal Conax card reader. If necessary, the receiver can be hidden, because it is equipped with a connector for a remote IR receiver (sold separately), which can be fixed in any convenient place.
The basis of the technical filling of the receiver formed the modern processor ALI 3510C, 2048 MB DDR RAM and 8 MB of flash memory. Amiko EVO EZTV LAN connects to your TV via HDMI or SCART connectors. The Ethernet port is located at the back, but you can connect a USB Wi-Fi adapter (only on the Ralink RT5370 chip) or a 3G modem and enjoy Internet services like YouTube.
The receiver is equipped with two USB connectors. One is better to use for USB dongles, and the second can be used to record your favorite programs on a USB drive, be it a USB flash drive or HDD, using the PVR function, or to pause the broadcast thanks to TimeShift. You can also watch from the carrier video in popular formats – MKV, AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, and others.

Amiko Impulse SAT

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
Amiko Impulse SAT is a compact Full HD satellite receiver for receiving broadcasts of DVB-S / S2 standards with MPEG2 / MPEG4 compression. The novelty has small dimensions (144x110x40 mm) and weight (0.5 kg), and a special mounting on the bottom panel and an external extension of the infrared port will allow you to install secretly the receiver on the back of the TV or in another place.
Impulse SAT is designed on a dual-core processor, equipped with 128 MB of RAM and 8 MB of flash memory. This has a positive effect on the speed of the receiver. The built-in Conax card reader allows you to access channels with a subscription fee, and after updating the firmware, the receiver supports a much larger number of encodings.
The new receiver Amiko is equipped with 2 USB connectors that can be used to record received TV programs, Timeshift function, as well as to play most popular files with the built-in media player. Thanks to the USB connector to the receiver, you can connect an external USB Wi-Fi adapter (any on the Ralink RT5370 chip) and gain access to both the local network and the Internet.

Amiko Mini HD SE

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
Digital satellite Full HD receiver Amiko MINI HD SE belongs to the class of budget and compact devices. The novelty is made in an elegant case and differs from its predecessor by the presence of a four-digit seven-segment display and digital optical sound output S / PDIF. The VFD display involves placing the receiver in a rack, but thanks to the supplied mount, the new Amiko HD receiver can be mounted on the back of your TV.
Amiko MINI HD SE has a simple multilingual menu that allows you to easily perform all the settings of the receiver from the remote control. Also, the device is equipped with a Conax card reader (after updating the software supports Viaccess, DRE-Crypt, Irdeto), supports TimeShift delayed viewing and recording (PVR) on external drives, as well as media player functions (supports files with MKV, AVI, MPEG, TS, VOB, MP3, and JPEG). The software of the receiver supports subtitles, Teletext and program guide (EPG), transfer of the channel list to another receiver and more.
The new satellite receiver is equipped with an Ali 3511 processor with a frequency of 400 MHz and 1 GB of RAM, which are supplemented by 64 MB of flash memory. Amiko MINI HD SE also has two USB 2.0 ports, and you can use the built-in LAN port, as well as USB Wi-Fi adapters on Ralink RT5370 chips to connect to the network and access the Internet. After connecting to the Internet, Internet services YouTube videos, RSS news, Weather and other applications become active.

Amiko Mira WiFi

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
Amiko Mira WiFi is a new satellite HD receiver in a compact package that replaces the popular Amiko HD Impulse WiFi and Amiko HD Impulse series. The Mira WiFi receiver is designed to receive channels in Full HD quality with a resolution of 1080p, with both open and conventionally coded channels from any satellites (a universal CONAX card reader is installed, which allows using conditional access cards like XTR ATV).
Externally, Amiko Mira WiFi is made in a classic design – a small body of matte plastic on top and glossy around the perimeter. The receiver can be hidden behind the TV and controlled only with the help of a remote IR receiver that comes in the package. The connection to the TV is via HDMI or SCART, and in addition, it is possible to play digital audio via S / PDIF. At the heart of Amiko Mira WiFi is a fast Ali3510 processor (Dual Core 494MHz). The novelty has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, which allows you to save on its purchase and gives you access to your home WI-FI network and the Internet. Another nice plus of the console is the presence of a USB port, which opens access to the multimedia capabilities of the receiver, the timer recording function or the TimeShift option.

Amiko SHD-8900 Alien

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
Amiko SHD-8900 Alien is a satellite HD receiver for receiving open and coded TV channels with a 1080p video output format via HDMI, made on Linux with dual-loading. 
The main highlight of Amiko SHD-8900 Alien is two options for booting with different operating systems! The first option is booting under the standard Spark shell for Amiko products, the second is booting under the much more powerful Enigma 2 shell. The receiver allows you to simultaneously record up to four SD standard definition streams and only 1 HD stream within one transponder.
Amiko SHD-8900 Alien can also serve as a multimedia center, thanks to the ability to record and play video, listen to audio, view photos, and also allows you to browse various Internet services. The built-in media player supports a wide selection of multimedia formats such as AVI, MKV, MPG, TS, WMA, WMV, M2TS, FLV, DAT, ASF, and MP3.
The multimedia capabilities of Amiko SHD-8900 are complemented by playback of YouTube videos, listening to Shoutcast Internet radio, viewing Picasa photo albums, a Weather forecast function, and the ability to subscribe to various RSS news. Amiko SHD-8900 Alien supports software update via USB, RS232 or Internet (Ethernet).

Amiko EVO NOVA Twin

Amiko HD Receivers top 18 Models Review
EVO NOVA Twin is a budget-class satellite receiver from Amiko. It is equipped with two DVB-S / S2 tuners and works under control of the Enigma2 software shell (Linux operating system).
The receiver has compact dimensions, and the black metal case is equipped with grills for heat dissipation. On the front panel of the receiver are the main control buttons and the LED display, and under the cover, there is a USB port for drives and a slot for digital TV cards. On the side, you will find a microSD card slot. Behind are two DVB-S2 inputs for connecting satellite antennas, composite AV output, optical S / PDIF, HDMI, LAN Ethernet 100, and a second USB 2.0 port for connecting external devices.
The technical stuffing was based on a powerful dual-core processor 2000 DMIPS (742 Mhz), 512MB of RAM and a lot of ROM (SPI-NOR 4MB, NAND 256MB). The presence of two DVB-S2 tuners allows you to watch one channel and simultaneously record three different programs. EVO NOVA Twin is not equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, but you can support wireless networks with external USB Wi-Fi adapters and 3G modems.
The novelty has the standard functionality of Linux receivers, which allows you to install many services and additional plug-ins. Enigma2 OS images under the EVO NOVA Twin receiver create such well-known teams like Black Hole, VTI, OpenPLi. The model potentially belongs to the 3D Ready segment, but you will need a 3D-compatible image of Enigma 2.
The built-in multimedia player supports playback of MKV, AVI, MPG, MP4, TS, WMA, MP3 and other media files. Demanding users will appreciate such functionality as a webcast and remote control via HTTP / Telnet / SSH / FTP.
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