Dreambox Popular Receivers

Dreambox Popular Receivers

Dreambox Popular Receivers
The company Dream-Multimedia-TV GmbH (Germany) was founded many years ago, now, this name has already become a well-known brand.
Thanks to the use of advanced software and hardware solutions, Dreambox receivers have occupied a significant niche in the market for equipment for receiving digital satellite television.


The huge popularity of receivers Dreambox

Among satellite TV fans, she has provided open-source software (Linux). Currently, there are about a dozen teams involved in the development of software for the entire line of receivers.
Your receiver is always “up to date” due to regular updates of software modules and components. You can not worry about the termination of support of your pet – it will never be just gathering dust on the shelf.
In addition to the function of receiving channels of digital satellite (cable) television, the Dreambox receivers can please the user with an abundance of various functions that allow using the receiver as a multimedia center.
Through the onboard network controller, the Dreambox can be connected to the home LAN and provide storage and output of multimedia content. Like movies, music, photos, and all this on a home theater, by the standards of the two thousandth’s, it beat cool.

Dreambox is a name that literally translates as “dream box”

Dreambox will be able to embody all the most exquisite desires. As mentioned above, the Dreambox receivers are built on the basis of the open-source Linux operating system and can be easily used for almost all the tasks.
At the same time, the Dreambox receivers are suitable not only in the area of ​​viewing satellite channels but can also perform the functions of a multi-combine and this can be seen in the full name of the company, the company Dream-Multimedia-TV GmbH.

Dreambox DM 500 HD PVR satellite HDTV Receiver

From Dream Multimedia on a Broadcom 7405 Dual-Core processor with a clock frequency of 400 MHz. The Dreambox DM 500HD, unlike the Dreambox DM 800HD, has HDMI 1.3 output and does not have a front panel display.

To connect external drives using the e-SATA port.

In the 500th there is no possibility of installation inside the hard disk case, it is proposed to write only to external eSATA-drives. No traditional RS232 (COM) interface. To download software, use a mini USB or network interface.
There is no pass-through antenna output here. But there is  a faster processor (400 MHz), a quiet fan and a  real HDMI

Dreambox DM 600PVR

Old acquaintance IBM STB 02500, 32Mb of memory and 96Mb of RAM, slot for 2.5 ”hard disk. Not typical for 2007, plug and play tuner and analog modem.
Dreambox DM 600PVR is a continuation of the development of solutions in the field of miniature receivers. Its dimensions remained the same as in the DM 500 model, but the possibilities have increased significantly.
As for the quality of the receiver’s case, it has become even better, the front panel is decorated with a chrome strip, the nameplate with the name of the receiver and the transfer button of the receiver to the duty or working mode.
Like DM 500, there is also a smart card slot. The rear panel of the receiver was supplemented with a new connector, which the predecessor did not have – this is the connector of the built-in modem.
It is worth saying that not all software versions support the operation of the built-in modem. So if necessary, the maximum that you will need to do is to replace the software of the receiver with a different version.

Model DM600 built on the principle of the designer

The basis of which is the motherboard. On which, depending on the destination, you can install an RF unit, designed for satellite reception or DVB-S format. Either for terrestrial digital broadcasting DVB-T or for cable DVB-C, the last letter is present in the model name of the receiver.
The motherboard is made, like all products of the company Dream Multimedia, very high quality. Now you do not need to buy a large model, like … 7020, in order to make it possible to record TV shows. It is enough to purchase a cheaper model DM600 PVR and equip it with a hard disk drive HDD.
Since the dimensions of the receiver are only slightly larger than the standard drive (“Winchester”), this model provides for the installation of a hard disk designed for laptop computers.
To install the HDD in the kit there is an IDE cable and a place is provided for mounting the drive itself. In the lower right corner, you can see the smart card filled with hot melt, installed in a regular slot reader. Like mobile phones.


This is the protection of the developers of the receiver from fakes, since the receiver will no longer work without this smart card, and it is not possible to read its contents today. I dare to note that this type of protection is quite effective and reliable today.
Below, under the built-in smart card reader, you can see the standard J-Tag connector for repairing the receiver in cases of incorrect programming by novice users.
As a rule, such cases are possible only when the user really does not read the instructions for replacing the software (receiver software) at all and tries to program his receiver with anything and how it gets.
There are cases when trying to program a receiver with the same name software version from a completely different model, based only on the external similarity of the receivers.
In terms of capabilities, it is comparable with more dimensional models, such as DM 7000 and DM 7025, and in its dimensions, it is similar to their younger colleague – DM 500

The structure of the work

It is not built on a closed algorithm but on the whole LINUX operating system. This allows a more advanced user to add new features to the receiver, which he did not have, and all this thanks to amateur programmers who are developing new additional programs for receivers based on LINUX OS.
The DM 600PVR receiver, equipped with an Ethernet network port, provides its owner with truly unlimited possibilities.
And you just have to want, as it is sung in one song, as a new feature is already available for it. So, using this connector, the receiver can be connected to a home computer network and transmit received TV channels to this network so that you can watch these channels on any computer in your home or computer connected to this network.
In addition, the receiver is not only able to transmit TV channels to the network but also allows you to watch any video files and listen to any MPEG3 music tracks that are recorded on any hard disk of any computer on your network.
Software for LINUX-based receivers is constantly being improved and because of this, these receivers are constantly growing new opportunities.

Different Menu

Yes, depending on the version of the downloaded software. The most common options among users of LINUX-based receivers are Enigma, Gemini, Pli-Helenite, Nemesis, Nabilo, and others.
In addition to the appearance of the menu when choosing different versions of the software, the user can change the background image of the menu, the picture greeting when the receiver is turned on.

But that’s not all

Receivers are released so-called software “Add-ons” (additions) or as they are called “Plug-ins.”
Since plug-ins are designed for the LINUX operating environment, it is possible, with a competent approach to business, to install them in almost any receiver built on this operating system.
Today there are more than one hundred types of various plug-ins (additions) to the main software of receivers on OS LINUX, which perform various tasks set for them.
You can find out how to work with the Dreambox and AB IP Box receivers, which are also built on the LINUX OS, in the next issues of the magazine. There are plenty of materials on this topic, and, most likely, it will be a series of articles. The similarity in the use and operation of these receivers will allow you to offer versatile material that can be used when working with any of them.

Dreambox DM 600C PVR (cable)

Dreambox DM 600C PVR  receiver for receiving channels of digital cable television. This unit is the most compact among existing on the PVR market receivers. Features – IBM STB 02500 processor, 32Mb of memory and 96Mb of RAM, slot for 2.5 ”hard disk,“ plug and play ”DVB-C tuner, analog modem.

Dreambox DM 820 HD

Yes, he replaced at his post the popular model 800 SE. Actually, it is built on the same super-fast hardware as the Dreambox 7080 HD. The difference is only in a smaller number of built-in tuners, a compact package and the ability to install only a 2.5 ″ hard disk inside the device.
Receiver Dreambox DM 820 HD shows an excellent picture, unmatched stability, and furious speed. It supports the TV recording feature. The recorded can be saved to an internal hard drive (2.5 ″ SATA II) or external (eSATA / USB). Of course, it was not without a 10/100 Ethernet network controller, digital interfaces for video output (HDMI) and audio (S / PDIF).
Dreambox DM 820 HD allows you to receive programs broadcast in DVB-S2 MPEG-4 AVC H.264. The software of this receiver is based on the Enigma 2 shell.

Dreambox DM 7020

The Dreambox DM 7020 is an upgraded version of its predecessor, the DM 7000. In the version of the Dreambox 7020 receiver, updates have touched the power supply, memory (the amount of RAM and flash memory has been increased). An analog modem and other useful things have been added, such as 0 / 12V output, RF modulator and a separate composite signal output.

Key features:

    1. IDE UDMA66 interface that allows you to install a hard disk up to 300 GB, 
    1. TimeShift, write to the computer HDD on the computer, 
    2. remotely view and remote control, 
    3. download via the Internet (without a PC) and automatically install emulators and add-ons, the 
    4. ability to receive satellite Internet 
    5. works correctly with the official NTV Plus card without CAM.
    6. It has a large graphic display, a learning remote control with control of up to four devices. Works with streams 1-45 Ms / c, unlimited channel list and number of favorite lists, full program guide, timers.


100 MBit full-duplex Ethernet Interface, two card readers for any cards, 1 CI slot, Compact Flash slot, both types of component video output on a managed SCART – RGB and YUV (YPbPr). 
Also S-Video and CVBS, USB 1.2 port for USB-Flash, S / PDIF digital optical audio output, Mini-DIN-controlled RF modulator, telephone line modem. Supports DiSEqC versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS.

Dreambox DM 7025

The DM 7025 has TWO removable satellite tuners – this is the most significant difference and advantage from the DM 7020.

 DM 7025+

Dreambox DM 7025+ – restyled model. The main differences from its predecessor (Dreambox DM 7025S) are an upgraded power supply, a high-contrast OLED display, and a CI interface with a module eject button. However, an application that allows you to closely make friends of the Dreambox with smartphones and also android tablets. READ!
In addition, the DM 7025S  receiver model uses an improved hardware version (ATI XILLEON 266 processor with a frequency of 300 MHz, 128 MB DDR memory). The new shell ENIGMA 2 will also delight the user with new interesting features.

Dreambox DM 900

Sales of the DM 900 started in the first half of November 2016. Onboard, the Dreambox DM 900 has a processor capable of supporting Full HD formats (using the H. 264 and MPEG-2 codecs) and Ultra HD (H. 265).
Dreambox DM 900 has 4 GB of flash memory and 2 GB of RAM. In Dreambox DM900 it is possible to install plugins, for example, as HbBbTV. 
In the Dreambox DM 900, you can set the hard disk to 2.5 ″. I am glad about the possibility of adding additional memory. And it can be useful for recording video via USB 3.0 interface.
There are interfaces for the CI module and for PayTV Smartcard-Reader. However, this is not CI + at all, so you have to be friends with “Aunty Shura”. If there is support for 4K, then probably it is necessary to share with this wealth. And this can be done through the HDMI 2.0 port. For sound output, a special optical interface S / PDIF is provided. For greater comfort, the manufacturer equipped the Dreambox DM 900 Ultra HD 4K with a touch sensor, with which you can turn the device on and off. 

Dreambox DM920 UHD, a new product that surpasses the rest of the 4K receiver

If you compare this receiver in the positions of automotive understanding, then this receiver is at least a Ferrari. The main thing that distinguishes it from the rest is the assembly of iron with components of the highest quality. And of course thoughtful software.
In the receiver, there are two slots for CI + modules, while on the older model there is only one slot for CI.
Increased flash memory, 8 vs. 4 GB. The receiver has two DVB-S2 tuners + two tuners designed for receiving cable and terrestrial digital television. The receiver allows you to simultaneously watch and record up to eight (including streaming) channels simultaneously.

Dreambox One new satellite 4K UHD

And it is very encouraging, especially that the price is not so transcendental. As expected, and expected for a long time, it will please all user expectations.

Known about the three versions of the device

Specifically, Twin Tuner Twin DVB-S2X Multistream, Combo DVB-S2X, and DVB-C / T2, IP Only. The latest version will be sold under the name Dreambox Play. Inside installed a powerful technical stuffing with 2 GB of RAM + 8 GB flash and a 6-core processor, which guarantees stability in operation and fast channel switching.
Add HDMI 2.0, optical S / PDIF, a gigabit network, built-in Wi-Fi and a new Bluetooth remote control with a microphone for control through Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

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