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OCTAGON SF4008 TRIPLE 4K UHD is New from the Octagon company, with which the brand entered the UHD 4K standard satellite receiver market, demonstrates the advanced capabilities of its hardware platform, which will not only provide users with the ability to be ready “in the arm” to meet the era of High definition television, but also to achieve superior quality and realism in the media streaming available now. The peculiarity of the model is the reception of the standard DVB-S2X signal with the support, installed at the hardware level, as its closest competitors use the exclusively programmatic processing of the given video stream. In general, the technical innovation of the device ensures the urgency of the receiver with the case for the next few years.

The Octagon SF4008 triple hardware part works on a dual-core processor with the index of the BCM 7251S model, which provides the 12K DMIPS flow rate. The clock speed processor is 1,700 GHz. High performance is supported by one gigabyte of operational DDR4 and 4 gigabytes of built-in NAND Flash memory. Since the device will work with large amounts of data for both playback and recording, the interface palette is complemented by a USB 3.0 port, which allows you to connect to the receiver’s high-speed external units. Also inside the enclosure is a place to install a 2.5-inch hard drive with a serial SATA HDD interface. The basic equipment, with the exception of the universal DVB-S2x tuner, also includes a DVB-C / T2 hybrid tuner. In the advanced configuration, a triple Tuner is installed.

In its design, this 4K UHD satellite receiver demonstrates an exceptional asketichnost that integrates the practicality no less functional of the device. That is, users get a very powerful hardware platform without unnecessary “bloat”, only able to influence the increase in value and no more. On the front panel, there is a 16 character matrix VFD indicator, which displays the necessary information. The back side is reserved for the most effective interfaces, represented in sufficient quantity.

The possibilities of receiving the model are not limited to free channels. To receive coded signals, the Octagon SF4008 receiver has a card reader for CA-CI access cards. The basic software platform is traditional enough for many modern satellite receivers. It is Enigma2 under Linux on which, actually, the operating system of the device is built. In this case, several teams are developing their mods for this device. That is, there are more than enough possibilities for the modernization of receiver software by advanced users and specialists.

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