Openbox sx2 Review

Openbox sx2 HD Review

Openbox sx2 HD Review

Description and Functionality:

Openbox SX2 HD (Open SX2 HD) is a new satellite receiver by the famous satellite equipment manufacturer company OPENBOX. Brand Openbox is always famous for the reliability of its products and excellent service. The new line of Openbox SX2 HD satellite tuners came in two versions:
Openbox SX2 HD satellite receiver (Open SX2 HD)
and Openbox SX2 HD DOLBY AUDIO satellite HD receiver (open SX2 HD DOLBY AUDIO).

 The new range of models of Open SX2 integrates the previous miniature models of HD OPENBOX SX1 satellite receivers (Open SX1) On the front panel of the Openbox SX2 HD, there are control buttons and a four-digit display that shows the idle time and the channel number. For the new Openbox, SX2 HD LED TVs is connected by a modern HDMI cable. HD satellite receiver Open SX2 HD is designed to receive digital satellite channels from all satellites in standard resolution and Super Clear HD 1080 pixels.

Budget HD satellite receiver from the Openbox company with quality software support. It is used to receive channels from DVB-S / S2 transponders, with Т2-MI format support. built on the basis of the National chip GX6605S processor. Supports the use of USB Wi-Fi adapters for an Internet connection. Equipped with LED display
The SX2 HD open satellite receiver uses an RDA Microelectronics RDA5815M chip tuner, which supports the reception of transponder television channels in the DVB-S / DVB-S2 standard with QPSK / 8PSK modulation, using MPEG-2 / MPEG- video compression 4 Also there is support for receiving channels with Multistrims Т2-MI. in the selector used the control of an air economy with the help of DiSEqC protocols: 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 (USALS) is incorporated. Furthermore, the possibility of blind scanning of television channels is realized which will allow finding all the new channels without registering the new transponders that appeared in manual mode.
The Open SX2 HD satellite receiver is built on the basis of the Processor-National chip GX6605S budget, working at the 600 MHz clock frequency. Standard 64 MB of DDR2 type RAM, which is integrated into the processor body and 4 MB of SPI type permanent memory on the base of the GD25Q32 chip. The receiver software is released by the well-known Openbox team, which in turn guarantees software support at a decent level.
Open SX2 HD supports the connection of external USB drives with FAT, FAT32, and NTFS file systems that allow you to use not only PVR-program registration but also realize the automatic possibility of the delayed-TimeShift display. It is also possible to register one channel and display another, which is why both channels must be transmitted by a single transponder. At the same time, the receiver has multimedia capabilities – it is limited not only to playing photos in JPEG format and MP3 music but also supports playback of movies using DivX or XviD compression and in MKV format.
Open SX2 HD satellite receiver supports work with external USB Wi-Fi adapters built on RT5370 and MT 7601 chips, which will allow you to connect to the wireless network. There is also support for working with Huawei 3 / 4G modems: E153, E1550, E1692, E171, E173, E1750, E176G, E180, E220, E303, E3372H, E3372P, E367. As a result, you will be able to use the Internet connection to extend the functions of encrypted viewing channels through built-in protocols: NEWCAMD, MGCAMD, CCcam, and FunCam, provided that the appropriate software is applied and using specialized servers. We do not handle the supply of CardSharing and its rectification, as it is illegal in the Russian Federation. Access to the Internet receiver will also make it possible to expand the viewing possibilities through the use of Internet services: YouTube, VOD, Apollo and others.
The Open SX2 HD satellite receiver allows you to connect to a modern TV through the 3RCA or HDMI outputs, while the HDMI output allows you to transfer the image in high-1080p maximum resolution. This will certainly allow for higher image quality than when using analog video signal switching. Having a 3RCA output will make it possible to use an old analog TV. Using the coaxial audio output is sure to help you use your home theater to play audio in Dolby Digital format.
The package with the Open SX2 HD receiver includes only the HDMI cable, which should be considered at the time of purchase. As in the case of connection to the TV through the outputs: RCA (tulips) or SCART will need a further purchase of the appropriate type of cable.

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