Openbox sx9 Combo HD Review

Openbox sx9 Combo HD Review

Openbox sx9 Combo HD Review

Openbox SX9 Combo HD Interfaces

Openbox SX9 Combo HD boasts all sorts of interfaces.
They are great for connecting to both modern and “ancient” televisions and projectors.
As I wrote in the title, proven values ​​are more relevant than ever, and this also applies to the Openbox SX9 Combo HD.
Just think, satellite, terrestrial and cable TV, recording and just one remote control. In addition, inside the housing Openbox SX9 Combo, you can install the hard disk (2.5 ″ HDD).
I note that when choosing a disc, it is worth assuming that 1 hour of video recording takes 2-4 GB, depending on the quality of the broadcast. Total on a disk 1TB can fit 200-400 hours of recordings.
Prefixes are designed for 2.5 ″ SATA drives (such as installed on laptop computers). They are small in size and weight, and most importantly, they work silently and emit little heat.
To install the drive, it comes with a special SATA + Power cable, a metal bracket and screws.
It is worth noting that instead of a hard drive, you can install an SSD SSD. Such devices have no moving parts and do not make any noise at all. Moreover, the speed of work exceeds the classic disks at times. However, their cost is significantly higher.
On the front panel, there is a display showing the name of the selected TV channel.

CI + module

Openbox SX9 Combo HD, as well as all its fellow SX-series, is able to work with CI + modules Tricolor TV HD and NTV-Plus HD.
Thus, the official NTV-Plus or Tricolor TV module can be installed in the console and get access to the paid channels of the operator.
Many people are always interested in looking inside the device. The specialist will see here the carefully installed components of world industry leaders according to all the rules of circuit design.
Despite the obvious similarity with the SX6 model, I admit that the SX9 is insignificant, but it still works faster. On the quality of the picture, everything is at the same good level as in the case of the Openbox SX6.

What Is Different? 

You can use CI + Tricolor TV and NTV-Plus CAM modules, as well as a customized emulator for “interesting viewing” or just card sharing on the SX9 Combo.
Moreover, the transition from satellite channels to terrestrial and vice versa occurs almost instantly. Let me remind you that on Openbox SX4 / SX6 to work with CAM-modules CI + you need to use one firmware. Moreover, card sharing emulators is different.
The universal remote control, in addition to directly controlling the Openbox SX9, with its help, you can “steer” the TV and DVD player. The appearance of this model is definitely more solid than that of the SX4 Base and SX4.
Record the receiver can on the internal hard drive, as well as external USB-drives and network drives. In addition to the traditional recording mode, there is also a favorite with many Timeshift and of course timer recording.

Networking Capabilities

Pleasantly pleased with the rich networking capabilities of Openbox SX9
Support for FTP, Wizard emulators, XCam and also Live Streaming.
The receiver supports playback of most popular video formats (DivX, AVI), including the popular MKV format.
Moreover, media files can be located not only on local drives but also on the network (NAS, shared folders on computers). By the way, this model has a UPNP / DLNA client.
It is noteworthy that the Openbox SX9 can play really heavy MKV files from HD video: 20-25 GB.
In this case, multi-speed rewind works correctly. However, the receiver does not reach the full-fledged media player yet, there is still no DTS decoder and it is impossible to select a soundtrack for the movie.
The browser allows you to surf the Internet (read the news, weather forecast, etc.) without a computer. The built-in support for the popular YouTube service allows you to watch all the video files of this service on your TV screen.

Interesting feature AirTivi +

This is a remote control and network streaming on Apple iOS, Android, and Windows devices (smartphones, tablets, computers).
That is, you can not only switch channels, set a timer to record from your smartphone or laptop, but even watch the same channel that is now “on TV”.
Openbox has no problems with the display of Russian channel names, as well as Cyrillic in the EPG (electronic program guide.
In standby mode, the receiver consumes only 0.5W. To connect the receiver to the Internet will not require any additional devices or devices. Just connect a network cable to the Ethernet port of the tuner and write down the settings in the menu (IP address, DNS, a mask for networks, etc.).
By the way, if you pull the Internet cable to the TV there is no desire or ability, we put a Wi-Fi adapter for this receiver.

Technical Specifications

  • Memory: 512 MB SDRAM DDR3, 256 MB Flash ROM
  • Processor: STiH253 (Firenze) 650 MHz
  • Interface for the hard disk: 2.5 ″ SATA II
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Network adapter: Ethernet 10/100
  • Tuner: 1xDVB-S2, 1xDVB-T / C / T2 MPEG2 / MPEG4 and H.264
  • VFD display
  • hardware decoder
  • Working with motorized antennas
  • Blind finder
  • mode transponders Advanced Picture-in-Picture mode (PIP)
  • Support for DiSEqC transcoded switches (1.0,1,1,1.2 and 1.3 USALS)
  • Built-in decoder Teletext
  • Favorites lists of programs
  • Playback of movies in AVI, MKV formats
  • View JPEG photos in high resolution up to 1080p
  • Convenient MP3 music player
  • UPnP / DLNA client
  • AirTIVI +
  • Internet TV (FreeTV +)
  • Service YouTube, Kartina.TV, UAKino, YouPorn, SVT Play, Earth Touch, Metacafe,, Fashion TV
  • Web Browser – browse Internet sites on TV


  • – 2x CI slot
  • Compatible with USB mice and keyboards
  • – 2x SmartCard reader
  • – 1x HDMI 1.4
  • – 1x composite video
  • – 1x component video
  • – 1x stereo RCA
  • – 1x SCART
  • – 1x digital optical sound output S / PDIF
  • – 4x USB 2.0
  • – 1x RS232
  • – 1x RJ-45
  • Dimensions: 300x210x55 mm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Options: universal remote control, batteries, manual, HDMI cable
This software completely clears the memory of the receiver from all previously installed plug-ins and settings that may adversely affect the operation of the receiver and allows you to install official software in the future.

Application Methods

Through the USB stick with the pressed button CH +

Download the service firmware for your receiver.
On the USB drive, there should only be a service file in .ird format. 
Insert the USB drive into the receiver, turn on the power, hold down and hold the CHANNEL UP button on the receiver’s front panel until SCAN appears. 
When the installation is complete, COMPLETE appears, reboot the receiver, your receiver is clean as from the factory.

 Via the COM port using the PORTER EXPRESS program:

Download the service firmware for your receiver. 
Download the computer program Porter-Express. 
We connect the receiver and the computer via the COM port with a null-modem cable. The receiver is turned off behind the toggle switch. 
Run the program Porter-Express. 
Select the Software parameter for “MODE”, with the direction To Reciever. 
Click on File and select the firmware that we will install. 
In Communication Port, select the appropriate COM port. 
Click on Download. 
Turn the receiver toggle behind.
The display of the receiver appears on the display with the percent of firmware download, while the Status Porter-Express window is gradually filled with a blue bar and the percent of software download is also shown.
After 100% of the firmware load, the display shows Write and the percentages of the task execution on the display of the receiver.
At 100% of the recording, the last blinking Complete indication appears on the display, then we reboot the receiver from the remote control and your receiver is clean as from the factory.
After installing the service software and rebooting the receiver, you need to wait until it is fully loaded and the menu (LANGUAGES) appears. Loading the receiver can take up to 10 minutes – no need to panic, memory is cleared.


Openbox SX9 Combo HD is the ultimate. The satellite receiver is based on a modern, high-performance STiH253 processor, with a clock frequency of 650 MHz and Flash ROM – 256 Mb, SDRAM – 512Mb (DDR3), 4 USB 2.0 ports.
Openbox SX9 Combo HD is an updated version of its predecessor Openbox S9 HD PVR.
The receiver works on the Linux operating system, which opens the possibility of installing additional software. 
It has two CI + slots and two slots for access cards. This solution will allow you to view 4 satellite providers at once.
CI + technology will ensure reliable and stable work with leading European providers. The compact arrangement of the internal elements of the receiver, as a result of its size (30 cm x 26 cm x 6 cm).
Openbox SX9 Combo HD has all the necessary communication connectors to connect to your TV or home theater >>> HDMI 1.4a / 3RCA / YPbPr / SCART / SPDIF.
So the receiver is relevant in 2017, I note that the price fell almost to the budget level, okay, a little higher, but for this price, you will get a combine for all occasions a beautiful view of everything your soul desires.
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