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Conax Key

Conax Key

Channel NameConax keys
Canal Digital Nordic Key 21mod: A26849D01758F 7692B51DC10915 F9C06231EFB10 7BE888C14FDA8 220A2366DE0B742A FF7F5D8C0BBAB A6669B3169497D 4C6ED0E433F5DE023 B2687E840B6DAFD
Canal Digital Nordic Key 21exp: AB8625424072 E2DA7E588797C66 6001FD5B9C652FA 56FCEFA2927CD317 D445FC6AD8D366396 618D88800086BDFE6D B3F6720304C8B59F79 6D4C8CB2FE256891F

What is Conax Key?

Conax encrypted television grow to have a digital television content security. Conax CAS technology provides pay television operators in more than 85 countries worldwide. The company has its central office in Norway , Brazil, Russia, USA, Germany, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, China, Thailand, India, Singapore and has a center support 24 7 overall in India.

Telenor Conax was created by Research Labs in 1980 was created as a separate company in 1994 Conax AS.

In March 2014, the company was sold by Conax Telenor Group which is headquartered in Switzerland Kudelski Group at a price of NOK 1.5 billion.

Câttva pay-TV operators using Conax Satellite access, it is used by Dish TV India, Canal Digital Norway, ER-Telecom Russia, KPN Netherlands.

TV Packages in Conax Encryption

Canal Digital Nordic

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