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What is HDMI

What is HDMI

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What is CEC

What is CEC? Use, Settings, Commands, and other details

What is CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)? CEC is a built-in feature of the HDMI interface and is designed to allow the user to control multiple...
HDMI Splitter Back Panel

HDMI Splitter: What you should know before you buy

HDMI splitter allows you to take one video source and split it into multiple locations. This could mean transmitting the signal over cable to...
HDMI Cable Length

HDMI Cable Length: Does the length of cables matter?

HDMI cable length has a negative impact on signal quality. So manufacturers generally do not recommend cables longer than 20 feet. Most people won't...
How does HDMI audio extractor work?

HDMI Audio Extractor: Why use? How does it work?

HDMI audio extractor separates HDMI input signal to the audio output and normal HDMI output. While most models only output analog stereo line levels...
HDMI switch Front and back

HDMI switcher: How they work and when to use HDMI switches

An HDMI switcher is a tool for controlling multiple devices on displays with only one HDMI input. While they don't offer the same sound...
HDMI eARC technology

What is HDMI eARC? What makes it different from other

HDMI has dramatically reduced the number of cables required to set up a home theater system. And ARC and eARC are just one way...
Connecting HDMI ARC to port

HDMI ARC: What is this? Why you need this? Explained

HDMI ARC and eARC allow audio channels to travel in both directions at the same time. This saves on cables. Especially when you are...
What is HDMI CEC?

What is HDMI CEC? How to enable CEC on popular TVs?

What is HDMI CEC? HDMI CEC is one of the oldest ways to connect all your devices via HDMI. Introduced in HDMI 1.0 and updated...
How does wireless HDMI work

Wireless HDMI: Everything You Need To Know

Wireless HDMI lets you stream audio and video from any HDMI output. Such as a game console, computer, or cable box. This removes unsightly...