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Movie Mode in TV

Movie Mode: What is this in TVs? How does it work?

Let's talk about adjusting the picture on a TV (Movie Mode). This picture quality setting in TVs has been around since the 80s of...
Apple TV 4K (Gen 2) with New Siri Remote

New Apple TV 4K (Gen 2) with New Siri Remote Review

Apple has announced the second generation of the Apple TV 4K (Gen 2) streaming player. Which comes with new remote control, has undergone a...
LED Clear Motion Setting

LED Clear Motion: Everything You Need to Know Explained

LED Clear Motion Samsung TVs: This setting allows you to adjust the LED backlight to sharpen fast-moving pictures. There are two modes available, enabled...
Natural Mode Support in Samsung TV

What is Natural Mode Support in Samsung TV? How it works

In 2021, Samsung, as a separate item in the technical specifications, indicates the presence of Natural Mode Support in Samsung TVs. And many are...
What to do if the remote is not working?

Samsung TV Remote. What to do if it is not working?

On Samsung TVs, the Smart Remote will automatically pair when you turn on the TV and remote for the first time. To do this,...
Sony TV model numbers decryption

Sony TV model numbers decryption explained by year

Sony TV models Number Sony TVs have a model number that contains information about the series and type of TV. The series is indicated by...
How do I allow third party apps to be installed on my Samsung Smart TV?

How to Install Third-Party Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Any Smart TV comes with pre-installed apps that make using your Samsung Smart TV convenient. However, Smart TV is not only a TV but...
Slim One Connect Box TV Samsung explanation

One Connect Box TV Samsung, The brain of your TV

The 2021 Samsung Neo QLED 8K series TVs, as well as possibly some 4K models, will ship with Slim One Connect. Let's explain what...
What is IMAX Enhanced on TV for displaying videos

What is IMAX Enhanced on TV for displaying videos

IMAX Enhanced is a standard invented by the IMAX Corporation for displaying videos. The idea of ​​creating the IMAX format was to create large...
What is Quantum HDR?

Quantum HDR 12X vs Quantum HDR 16X, TV Technology

TV terminology is quite confusing, which is why it is sometimes difficult to understand various TV technologies. Especially if you are new to the...