Amazon Prime Videos: Everything You Need to Know


Amazon Prime Videos: Everything You Need to Know

Amazon Prime Videos: Everything You Need to Know

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Videos are Amazon’s Streaming service, included with the Amazon Prime subscription. It is a TV service on demand with numerous qualities compared to its competitors, in fact, an extra service from Amazon Prime, which offers high-level series and films.
With Amazon Prime, Amazon’s paid subscription, you can get, for example :
  1. Free shipping in one day on over two million products sold on Amazon and in 2-3 days on other millions of products.
  2. Shipping “Delivery Today” at $ 4.50 or without additional costs for orders with a value of $ 32.41 or more (even if it is only for the suitable postcodes).
  3. Unlimited storage for photos.
  4. Use of Prime Music with a limit of 40 hours per month.
  5. Prime Reading, or the free reading service of the ebooks available on Amazon Prime Reading.
  6. Access to Amazon Prime Video.
As a result, Amazon Prime Video takes an advantage in the war of streaming, but it is also thanks to the huge catalog of Movies, TV Series, Anime and Content for Children, as well as a large number of original products, which turns out to be one of the most advantageous streaming services out there.

How Amazon Prime Video works?

Amazon Prime Video works identically to other streaming platforms such as Netflix or Apple TV Plus :
    1. All content is always available, without limitations, on any device.
    1. No advertising.
    2. Different resolutions (up to 4k).
    3. Internet connection required, with which the quality of the videos varies.
    4. Ability to download some content offline.
Obviously, in order to use Amazon Prime Video you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime, like this:

    1. Click on ” Free 30 day trial “.
    2. Log in to Prime Video with your credentials.
    3. After 30 days the subscription will automatically renew for the whole year unless you deactivate it, but you will have activated the subscription to Amazon Prime with all the benefits, not just Prime Video.
After 30 days the subscription will automatically renew for the whole year unless you deactivate it, but you will have activated the subscription to Amazon Prime with all the benefits, not just Prime Video.
Prime Video is available via browser or app on :
    1. PC and Mac.
    1. Smartphones and tablets.
    2. Console (Xbox One, Playstation 4).
    3. Smart TV and Bly Ray Smart players.
    4. Amazon Fire Tv Stick, Chromecast and other devices that make smart TVs.

How much does subscription cost?

The cost of Amazon Prime, which includes Amazon Prime video, is charged directly to the credit card, prepaid card or debit card that you have linked to the Amazon account and you can pay it in two ways:
    1. $ 40 per year.
    1. $ 4.50 per month 
In addition to the Prime Video month free trial, if you subscribe directly to Amazon Prime for a fee you have 14 days to exercise the right of withdrawal and get all the money back.
Finally, there is the Prime Student, a special student discount, with the following advantages.
    1. First three months free.
    1. Cost of $ 20 per year.
    2. Exclusive offers for Prime Student customers.

How does the application work?

Application of Prime Amazon Video is available free of charge to:
    1. Android on Google Play and the Galaxy Store.
    1. Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, Fire HD, and Fire HDX.
    2. Nvidia Shield TV.
    3. Console (Ps3, Ps4, Xbox One).
    4. Tim Box.
    5. Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, Panasonic).
How to watch Amazon Prime Video directly on TV?

The versions of the App for Kindle Fire, Tablet, Smartphone, iPod, iPad, and iPhone also allow you to download movies and TV series offline so that you can watch them later without having to connect to the internet again.
Moreover, since the app is integrated with Amazon-owned IMDB, you can access the X-Ray function so you can identify actors, songs and other details of what you are watching directly from IMDB.
Obviously, to access the Prime Video app you must have an Amazon Prime subscription and an Amazon account.

Amazon Prime Video catalog

If at the beginning the Amazon Prime Video catalog was not very well stocked, it is now one of the streaming services which not only owns many products but which also has many high-quality ones.

Here is a part of the Amazon Prime Video Catalog :

  1. Amazon Prime Video Original Movies: Elvis & Nixon; The Aeronauts; Suspiria; Guava Island; The Report; Beautiful Boy; Don’t Worry; Chiara Ferragni Unposted.
  2. Amazon Prime Video Original TV Series: Lore; The Purge; The Expanse; American Gods; Good Omens; Fleabag; Hand of God; The Grand Tour; Mozart In The Jungle; The Tick; The Man in the High Castle; The Romanoffs; Carnival Row; The Boys; The Lord of the Rings; Preacher; Bosh; The Fantastic Lady Maisel; Undone.
  3. Film: Inglourious Basterds; Fantastic Mr. Fox; The Grinch; Ucellacci and Uccellini; The man who killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot; Totò series; Magic Nights; Ghostbusters; John Wick 3; Darkest Hour.
  4. TV series: The Magician; Doctor Who: The Good Wife; Heroes; The Shield; Scrubs; Supernatural; Criminal Minds; CSI;
  5. Anime: Rage of Bahamut; One-Punch Man; Kyashan; The attack of the Giants; Daitarn 3; GTO; The Promised Neverland; Inuyasha; Vinland Saga; Tokyo Ghoul; The skies of Escaflowne; Kiseju; Pokemon Diamond and Pearl; Fullmetal Panic.
  6. Products for children: Dino Dana; The Stinky Dirty Show; Peppa Pig; SpongeBob; La Pimpa; Arm wrestling; Dora the Explorer.

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