Check display type on your Samsung TV: 10bit or 8bit + FRC

Check display type on your Samsung TV

8bit or 10bit means the color depth, the higher the number, the deeper colors can your TV display. FRC (frame rate control) is another feature that can enhance the color depth. That means that 8bit+FRC displays can display almost the same quality picture, as 10bit ones.

How to check display type on your Samsung TV

There are several ways to check the display type on your Samsung TV.

Method 1

The easiest to find out the display type is to see the tech specs. Until 2020, Samsung indicated the number of shades. And If there was a footnote, you could check whether the dithering technology was used.

However, since 2020, this doesn’t work, as Samsung isn’t indicating, for example for QLED TVs, the number of color shades. It only indicates that the display supports 100% color tones. However, you can pay attention to the backlight technology used in the TV. The backlight technology is applied to a specific display type.

  1. Supreme UHD Dimming – TV 8bit + FRC
  2. Ultimate UHD Dimming (pro) – the TV screen is 10bit.

Method 2

This is more complicated and requires caution, but there is another way. You can go to the service menu and look at the FRC parameter. If the parameter is active, it is available for setting.

This means that FRC is in use. If the parameter is inactive (like in the picture below) then it means that the screen has a 10bit or 8bit color depth. Typically, Samsung installs 8-bit screens in entry-level TVs

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