How to connect Wifi to TV in an easy way

Easy way  to connect Wifi to  any TV

How to connect Wifi to TV in an easy way


Connecting home WiFi to TV is now almost necessary. With numerous streaming applications and the commercial diffusion of Smart TVs, televisions are much more than just devices for watching programs, series or films.
The wireless internet is an almost mandatory requirement also an older non-intelligent TV that does not automatically connect to Wifi. But they can connect thanks to the use of HDMI Smart devices and keys.
Whether yours is a Smart TV or an old TV, the expert will explain how to easily connect WiFi to your home TV in a very simple way and in no time

1. How to connect WiFi to a Smart TV LG, Samsung, Akai, Panasonic, Sony, Telefunken, Philips

connecting WiFi to a Smart TV is extremely simple, as it is a new, technologically advanced TV model, developed with the precise purpose of connecting to the internet.

Here is a general guide on how to connect a Smart TV to WiFi :

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Click the “Settings” button on the remote control or, alternatively, access the menu using the appropriate button.
  3. Enter the “Network” or “Network Setup” section and then click on the “Wi-Fi”, “Wireless” or “Wireless Connection” option, depending on the type of TV.
  4. Choose the name of the network to connect to and enter the password and wait for the connection to start.
If these indications are not enough, just take a look at the instruction manual of your TV or search for it on Google with the search string “instruction manual + make and model Smart TV”.


But how to do with a TV that is not Smart? We need to use different HDMI devices that we are now going to list.

2. Connect WiFi to TV with Google Chromecast

One of the most popular options for connecting WiFi to a non-Smart TV is Google Chromecast. It is a Google HDMI device/stick that allows multimedia streaming and can interface with Android, iPhone, iPad, Google Chrome, and various streaming applications such as Netflix, Now TV, or Spotify.
The procedure for connecting WiFi to your TV via Google Chromecast is as follows:
    1. Connect the Google Chromecast to one of the TV’s HDMI ports and to one of its USB ports or to the power supply (depending on the Chromecast model you are using).
    1. Download the Google Home application on the device you intend to connect to (Android or iOS).
    2. Turn on the TV and connect it to the Google Chromecast’s HDMI source.
    3. Turn on the device you want to connect to the TV (Smartphone, Tablet, or PC), open the Google Home app, and, in Devices, select the Chromecast to configure it.
    4. Now use the Chromecast code, it must be the same as it appears on the TV and on the application and gives a name to the Chromecast.
    5. Now you just have to click on “Continue” and choose the WiFi network to which to connect the Chromecast. Your TV will also be connected to the internet through Google dongle.

3. Internet connection of a TV with the Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is nothing more than an HDMI stick created by Amazon to make Smart TVs and to support numerous apps belonging to the company, already pre-installed in the dongle. Using this stick you can turn your TV into a Smart TV and connect it to the internet.
Here’s how to connect WiFi to your TV with the Amazon Fire TV Stick 

  1. Connect the stick to an HDMI port on the TV and to the power supply.
  2. Set the TV to the right HDMI source.
  3. When the Amazon Fire TV Stick has started, click on the center button,  “Play / Pause”.
  4. Now all you have to do is choose the language of the stick first and then choose the WiFi network the stick will connect to.
  5. Enter the Wifi password and the key, and therefore also the TV will connect to the wireless network.
It is one of the best tools on the market, also because it is relatively cheap, easy to set up, and equipped with numerous applications and mainstream services.

4. Connecting a TV to wireless internet with an Android TV Box

Android TV Box is a device often used to turn a non-Smart TV into a Smart TV. In fact, these are real mini-computers complete with an operating system (Android) and support for all the necessary apps. And of course, you can connect to the internet.
Here’s how to connect the WiFi network to the TV with an Android TV Box just connect the device to the TV and follow the initial configuration. During configuration, the device should ask to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.
Here, however, how to manually configure the internet connection :
  1. Select “Settings” on the Android TV Box remote control.
  2. Go to the “Wireless & Networks” or “Wi-Fi” menu and activate the wireless connection.
  3. Now choose the network to which you want to connect the device and, therefore, the TV.
  4. Enter the password and connect to the internet.


5. Connecting an Internet TV with Apple TV

An alternative to the Android TV Box, especially if you own an Apple ecosystem (therefore numerous Apple products), is the Apple TV.
Like the Android TV Box models, it is a mini pc and also a media center that allows you to transform your TV into a Smart TV and connect it to the internet. In addition to connecting iPhone, iPad, and Mac and being able to manage applications and files on each device.
To connect the WiFi to the TV with Apple TV, the procedure is really simple. First, you need to connect the Apple TV to the TV and to the power supply and then associate it with the remote control, by clicking the “Menu” and “+” buttons, and then set the language.
Now you can choose whether to connect the Apple TV Box to the internet via sharing from iPhone or Ipad or with manual settings.
In the case of sharing from iPhone or iPad, just bring the device, iPhone or iPad, closer to the Apple TV so that it can transmit information to the TV Box. In doing so, the Apple TV, and the TV, will also be connected to the same WiFI network as the iPhone or iPad.
In the case of manual connection, instead, use the Apple TV remote control to enter the “Wi-Fi” section of the settings, select the network and enter the password. In the end, you will also need to configure the device by entering your Apple ID.

7. Connect a TV to WiFi via NOW TV Smart Stick

The NOW TV Smart Stick is very similar to the Amazon Fire TV Stick. In addition to various video playback applications (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and the reproduction of multimedia content, the key also allows access to the contents offered by NOW TV (Sky’s streaming TV). It also allows you to turn your TV into a Smart TV.
To connect the WiFI to the TV via the NOW TV Smart Stick it won’t take long:
  1. First, you need to connect the stick to an HDMI port and to the current (or to another USB port, depending on the model) and select the right HDMI source.
  2. Then you need to set your language and move on.
  3. Now you just have to connect to one of the WiFi networks from those available that will appear in front of you. Enter the password and click on “Connect”.

8. Connect a TV to WiFi via Raspberry Pi

A final solution to connect WiFi to a non-smart TV is to use Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a real micro PC equipped with the essentials: integrated chips for RAM, a processor, an audio output, HDMI, USB, and also the possibility of connecting with the Ethernet.
Specifically, to use the Raspberry Pi to connect the WiFI to the TV, you will also need to purchase the USB module for WiFi, to be connected to the Raspberry Pi.
The configuration of this tool is very complex, as you will have to install and configure the entire operating system on a microSD which will then be inserted into the micro PC. Then you will also need to get an external control system, USB or Wireless to use it (a keyboard with a mouse).
It is, in short, an option valid only for a few, but once the Raspberry PC is installed, your TV will not only be able to connect to the internet but will be a real PC.



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