How to see DAZN on TV

How to see DAZN on TV

How to see DAZN on TV
The streaming platform DAZN transmits every week exclusively three games in Serie A, while all the others are broadcast on Sky. As the start of the soccer championship approaches, we try to understand how to see DAZN on TV, but we must try to give answers to the numerous questions of users. Discover with us all the details!

How to see DAZN on Smart TV?

The streaming sports platform can also be viewed on Smart TV. Several Smart TVs such as Samsung Tizer TV (models 2015-2016, 2017-2018), Android TV, LG Web OS TV, on Amazon Fire TV support the DAZN app. and Amazon Fire Tablet, on Panasonic Smart TVs and Sky Q decoders. To see DAZN with only your TV remote control, all you need is a device connected to the app. Perform’s streaming platform is exclusive to three Serie A games and the entire Serie B.


 but all football matches cannot be followed either with digital terrestrial or via satellite because the service is offered only on the internet. It is no coincidence that DAZN has already been defined as the Netflix of sport. 
The landing of DAZN in Italy has sent confusion to many sports and football fans who have subscribed to a pay-TV that up until last year could simply choose whether to follow the championship on digital terrestrial or via satellite.
Over the past few weeks, users have asked numerous questions about the DAZN vision, but first of all, it must be specified that the contents are distributed in streaming and on-demand and that consequently, it is necessary to have a broadband internet connection, fixed or mobile.

How to see DAZN without Smart TV?

Users who do not have a DAZN-compatible Smart TV are looking for a solution. At the moment it is possible to resort to different solutions thanks to the availability of some devices like PCs, Android TV set-top boxes, Apple TVs, Chromecasts, Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Sticks, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Sky Q. 
To see content in fact, after signing the season ticket (from the site ) and activating the account, it is possible to connect a PC, the PS4, or the Xbox through the HDMI cable to your TV. On PC DAZN is usable through a simple browser like Chrome or Firefox. On other devices, just download the app from the store enter your login information, or register, and you’re done. Those who instead want to find a definitive solution can resort to the different TV set-top boxes compatible with Android and already available on the market.

How to see DAZN on TV on digital terrestrial or on the satellite with a Sky subscription?

DAZN is a streaming platform and therefore does not transmit on digital terrestrial or satellite. You can only use the service with a broadband internet connection. Furthermore, to access its contents, it is not enough to have a Sky subscription because these are two different services. Users must, therefore, register with DAZN by filling out the form on the official website, but thanks to an agreement reached with Sky they can take advantage of some discounts provided for the purchase of DAZN Sky Tickets.

What connection is needed to see DAZN?

First of all to see DAZN you need to download the official application on Smart TV, smartphone, tablet, console, TV stick. Considering that it is a streaming content service it is necessary to have a 2 Mbps connection to access the standard definition on any device. 
The speech is obviously totally different if you want to access high-definition content on mobile and TV since at least 3.5 and 6.5 Mbps are expected respectively. A minimum download speed of 6.5 Mbps is usually recommended for watching sports on television. To be able to have a better video quality a minimum connection of8 Mbps. It is therefore always advisable to check the quality of your connection with a speed test.

How to see DAZN on PC?

To view DAZN from a mobile device you need to download the appropriate App, while from the Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Internet Explorer browsers just create an account on the www. site. To create the account you need to enter your name, surname, email address, and finally choose a password. At this point, you must select the payment method you prefer. We remind you that the streaming platform offers the first month of the free trial, but those who decide to continue using the service will be scaled € 9.99 a month after 30 days.

How to see DAZN on TV with PS4 and Xbox?

The sport broadcast on DAZN can be followed on TV also thanks to PS4 and Xbox. How do you see DAZN on PS4? The answer is simple. Simply download the app on the console through the PlayStation Store and proceed with its installation. At this point, you can log in to your DAZN account or create a new one. The PS4 is connected to the home router in Wi-Fi, but to avoid problems related to the unstable signal it is recommended to connect the console to the router through an Ethernet cable. In addition to the PS4, the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PS3 also support the DAZN app. 
To see DAZN on XBoxthe same procedure as for PS4 must be followed. The app fact can be downloaded from the store on Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. If problems should occur on one of the two consoles it could be useful both to update the system and restart the device.

How to see DAZN on Apple and Android devices?


The streaming platform entirely dedicated to sports is also available for Apple devices. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and then proceed with installation on AppleTV, MacBook, iPhone (from 5 onwards), and iPad (from 2 onwards). 



Furthermore, DAZN is also available for Android TVs and all Android mobile devices. Users must download the app from the Google Play Store and proceed with its installation to access the streaming services. It is also advisable to check periodically if a new update is available for the app.

How to see DAZN on Sky Q?

The DAZN app has also been released on the Sky Q Platinum and Black decoder. In fact, from October 11 it is available among the Sky Q apps together with the Spotify application. To install it you don’t have to do anything, just wait for the automatic update of the Sky Q decoder. You can use the DAZN app with a normal subscription or by using the “Sky DAZN” tickets provided for Sky subscribers at a reduced price of 1, 3, or 9 months.

How to watch on TV with Amazon Fire TV devices?

A few days after the start of the Serie A Championship 2018/2019 the DAZN streaming platform is also available on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick ( see what is Amazon Fire Stick TV). Amazon Fire TV Stick, similar to a USB flash drive, is one of the most economical solutions for using DAZN on a non-compatible TV.
This is very simple: just connect the Fire TV Stick to a TV HDMI port. Then connect the memory stick to your home Wi-Fi network, update the device and download the DAZN app from the Amazon store to be able to enjoy its contents from your non-Smart TV.

How to watch on TV with Google Chromecast?

You don’t have a Smart TV but don’t want to miss watching TV games at home? You can try Google Chrome cast. A solution is very similar to the one described for Amazon Fire Stick TV and even cheaper. Simply connect your TV to the Google Chromecast device, download the DAZN app to turn your old device into a Smart TV with Perform’s online TV sports offer. The quality of vision is linked to the connection and not to the device, but above all to see Dazn with Google Chromecast does not provide any particular installation.


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