How to watch TV online in streaming and free

How to see Netflix on non-Smart TV

How to watch TV online in streaming and free

Do you want to see your favorite program on TV, but your station is already occupied? No problem, the expert tells you how to watch TV online in streaming and for free! The solution is very simple because you can follow all the programs you want thanks to the PC, the tablet or if you prefer with your smartphone!Do you spend a lot of time away from home for your business trips or your TV doesn’t work? The expert always has a solution to all your problems. In order not to miss the appointment with your favorite program you can always watch TV online thanks to the official websites and Web TV apps. Moreover, you can also see many channels for free thanks to a PC program.

Streaming with Web TV

If you are not at home or if your TV does not work or is occupied by another person you can always watch TV from your PC. Most broadcasters provide their users with an official website where they can watch the entire program streamed live. 

You can access Web TV sites from computers, smartphones, and tablets. Some of these, however, are not visible abroad, especially outside the European Union, and to watch TV online with Web TVs, you need to use a VPN. 

Here is a list of the websites of the most important TV stations where you can see free live streaming channels and in some cases, you can also access on-demand content : 


Here you can watch all the Rai channels live. You can also access content on-demand to see replicas of everything that went on air in the previous days. The free application is also available for Android / iOS. 

Mediaset Play 

Here you can watch in-stream all the free channels of Mediaset and you can access all the content on-demand. The application is also available for Android / iOS smartphones and tablets. 


The Sky Italia all-news channel is available in live free streaming on the web, while the application is available for a fee on Android and iOS at a price of € 1.99 a month after a 30-day trial. 


On the official website of the channel, it is possible to watch the most famous Sky Italia programs for free. 


On the official website is available the free live streaming with the whole program schedule and also offers them on-demand service to access the replicas of some programs. 


Here you can watch all the sports events, films and TV series on the Discovery Italia channel free of charge. 

Paramount Channel

here you can watch all the American movies and TV series that are usually broadcast on this channel for free in live streaming and on-demand. 


Here you can watch TV shows and movies broadcast on Sky on live and on-demand. 


Here you can see the programs of Discovery Italia, the television network that includes broadcasters like Discovery Channel and DMAX. The free application is available for Android / iOS. 


Here you can watch all channel broadcasts for free on-demand. 

Deejay TV

Here you can watch all the music videos broadcast on Deejay TV live in streaming. 

Radio Italy TV

Here you can watch all the broadcast content for free in live streaming. 

Alice TV 

The free live streaming TV that deals with cooking and design. 


You can watch the free streaming of the documentary channel. 


Here you can watch all the matches and insights on the world of tennis. 


The direct streaming of the music channel. 

How to watch TV online in streaming and free with IPTV

To watch free online TV streaming you can also use IPTV technology, but you must use software because to access the content you must have the streaming link or the list of channels you want to watch. 
To watch online TV streaming with IPTV you must use the Kodi software to access the contents directly from your computer. But I must remind you that this is a procedure that goes against the law that categorically prohibits the use of IPTV lists to watch free encrypted pay-TV channels. Furthermore, you must remember that there are very severe penalties for offenders.
You might consider installing Kodi, a free program available for Windows, macOS, and Linux that manages multimedia content. This way you can then install and configure a plugin to watch all TV channels for free via IPTV.
After installing Kodi you can select the language from the settings menu and then you need to enable a plugin that allows you to watch TV channels in clear via IPTV. Following the procedure for selecting the plugin, you can then access the list of TV channels.

How to watch pay-TV online in streaming and free

The only legal solution you have to watch for free online pay-TV streaming is to join the free trial month. For example, you can evaluate the possibility of subscribing to the Now TV platform starting at € 9.99 per month. In this way, you will be able to follow in live streaming all the contents transmitted on Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Sport, Sky Cinema, and Fox. You can also access content on-demand, but to watch it for free you will need to take advantage of the free 14-day trial period as indicated by the ticket you have chosen
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