Main Features of Internet TV

Main Features of Internet TV

Internet TV


What is Internet TV (Internet + TV)? 

Here are the Main Features of Internet TV. Internet TV is a system based on the transmission of a television signal transmitted through an internet connection. Online TV is a video material that is published by video producers on the Internet through cable providers or operators. The main condition for watching online TV is the availability of the Internet and the stability of the signal.

The Lanet Network Company offers the opportunity to connect interactive television (Internet + TV, IPTV), with which both sound and images will be opened before you in excellent quality.

Main Features:

1. Watch movies and shows in high quality.
2. Receiving electronic television programs.
3. Parental Control – A feature that lets you protect your child from watching adult content.
4. A search engine that allows you to search for movies and TV shows on all channels and a video library.
5. Availability on different devices.

How it works

The IPTV network consists of several components: subscriber devices, network, headend. Content streams arrive at the headend from satellite TV channels, digital video, and analog TV. After receiving, the process of formatting and broadcasting the content to subscribers takes place: IP encapsulation and transmission to telecommunication networks. The formatting process also includes changing the amount of information and access speed, restoring the original content, filtering, and other processes.

The advent of IP television became possible due to the presence of high-speed Internet in many homes of large cities. The minimum speed required for the full operation of the system is 100 Mbps, so the best option for transmitting Internet content is a connection using an optical fiber cable.

Internet television is a symbiosis of the Internet and television. Its main difference from conventional television is interactivity, that is, the ability to interact with the user in two directions, as well as support for HDTV high-definition video. The presence of these advantages may lead to the fact that in a few years the online format will significantly replace the traditional format.

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