Orby Satellite TV Review

Orby TV Reviews and Complaints

Orby Satellite TV Review

In the United States launched a new platform for satellite TV access prepaid

The Los Angeles-based startup, led by Starz’s former top manager, has launched a new hybrid satellite TV service with prepaid access addressed to residents of 48 states in the continental United States. About this writes  The Hollywood Reporter.

The Orby TV service, led by Starz’s former head of revenue, Michael Thornton, who left the company in 2016, offers its customers a package of free local TV channels and a number of paid network channels for $ 40 a month, as well as an expanded package for an additional $ 10 per month – with the ability to add premium channels, including HBO and Starz.

The Orby TV platform, which was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, advertises its services since spring. The target audience of the company, according to the statements of its leadership, are “under-served” viewers who want to receive flexible, inexpensive packages.

A standard set-top box Orby TV costs $ 100, and the console with DVR function is available at a price of $ 200. Included with them are a satellite dish and an antenna for receiving terrestrial TV channels, allowing them to receive programs of local stations.

The $ 40 Essential package includes a selection of pay channels, including BET, Nickelodeon, CNN, History, Food Network, TLC, HGTV, Lifetime, AMC, Cartoon Network, MTV and BBC America, and $ 50 in the Extras package. there are additional Spanish-language TV channels, as well as the Crime & Investigation channel and several others.

By paying another $ 18, subscribers can add four HBO channels. A package of four Cinemax TV channels is available for $ 12, a Starz package is $ 9, and an Epix package will have to pay $ 6.

Orby TV Channels List 2020

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