Who makes Continental Edison TVs


Who makes Continental Edison TVs

Who makes Continental Edison TVs

Who makes Continental Edison TVs

Continental Edison TVs are quite famous in Europe. But it’s very difficult to find information about the TVs themselves. And many are wondering who makes Continental Edison TVs.

Continental Edison Brand Story

  1. Year of foundation 1882 

  2. 1981-1958 as part of General Electric 

  3. 1958-1971 owned by Alcatel 

  4. 1971-1997 owned by Thomson 

  5. 1997-2002 owned by AIT YALA K & S 

  6. 2006-2011 owned by the Chinese company Xoceco 

  7. 2011-2020 owned by Groupe Casino

We can say that on its own the company stopped producing TVs and other household appliances in 1971, TVs of the Continental Edison brand were produced at Thomson enterprises. And since 2002, the companies that owned the brand have been producing televisions from other companies under the outsourcing scheme. So, for example, the Richmaster Technology Hong Kong Headquarters website now exists, and this company produced TVs from Continental Edison in 2004-2005

Who manufactures Continental Edison TVs from 2011 to the present

After the brand was bought in 2011 by the French group Casino, televisions continued to be produced under an outsourcing scheme. The main manufacturer of TVs under the Continental Edison brand is the Turkish concern Vestel, components for TVs are supplied by Chinese companies. Also, some TV models can be ordered for assembly from Chinese firms. Continental Edison TVs are also assembled in Romania, Poland. Televisions are sold through the cdiscount.com network, the casino’s electronic store and through the Amazon network. The current site of the company is https://www.continentaledison.fr/ but there is very little information on it.

What is Continental Edison TVs

Since the company itself is not involved in the development of televisions, the OEM assembler who develops and then produces the TV under different brands is simply selected. The name of the TV model is invented and then the assembly of the TV from the components is started. A distinctive feature of such TVs, the Android operating system, the range of TVs consists of a small number of models. The country of manufacture is not indicated anywhere, this information is not on the sticker on the back of the TV, and also this information is not in the documentation for the TV. The cost of such TVs can be much cheaper than similar TVs of other brands.

The quality of the TVs may vary, depending on the suppliers of components for the assembly, there may also be problems with the repair.

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