Who makes Nokia TVs

Nokia TVs are not Nokia

Who makes Nokia TVs
In 2019, Nokia TV was introduced. Many online publications began to write that Nokia released its first Smart TV. Yes, until 1995, Nokia produced kinescope TVs.

After the financial crisis and the loss of the mobile device business, Nokia took the path of most companies that had previously made a name for themselves. Nokia licenses its brand to other companies, and so does the Nokia brand for TVs. In 2019, the Indian trading company Flipkart India Private Limited acquired a license to manufacture TVs under the Nokia brand. The company specializes in electronic commerce, a controlling stake in the company belongs to the American Walmart distribution network.

To support its brand, Nokia has created and maintains a single site, which presents all the products that are manufactured under the Nokia brand.

Who collects Nokia TVs


Nokia TVs are assembled in India and only for the Indian market by OEM assembler. Components are delivered from China; in India, assembly is made from finished components. Nokia has nothing to do with the production of televisions. 


Will TVs be sold in other countries, most likely not, Flipkart India Private Limited only works in India. Of course, if you find out about the contents of the license agreement for the Nokia brand for televisions, then the region or country where the TV will be sold will be discussed there.



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